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AHIP 2022 Mr. Chen is enrolled in his employer's group health plan and will be retiring soon. He would like to know his options since he has decided to drop his retiree coverage and is eligible for M... edicare. What should you tell him? - ANS-Mr. Chen can disenroll from his employer-sponsored coverage to elect a Medicare Advantage or Part D plan within 2 months of his disenrollment. Mr. Kumar is considering a Medicare Advantage HMO and has questions about his ability to access providers. What should you tell him? - ANS-In most Medicare Advantage HMOs, Mr. Kumar must generally obtain his services only from providers within the plan's network (except in an emergency or where care is unavailable within the network). ABC is a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan sponsor. It would like to use its enrollees' information to market non-health related products such as life insurance and annuities. Which statement best describes ABC's obligation to its enrollees regarding marketing such products - ANS-XXXIt must obtain a HIPAA complaint authorization from an enrollee that indicates the plan or plan sponsor may use their information for marketing purposes. Mr. Yoo's employer has recently dropped comprehensive creditable prescription drug coverage that was offered to company retirees. The company told Mr. Yoo that, because he was affected by this change, he would qualify for a Special election period. Mr. Yoo contacted you to find out more about what this means. What can you tell him? - ANS-It means that he qualifies for a one-time opportunity to enroll in an MA-PD or Part D prescription drug plan. Dr. Elizabeth Brennan does not contract with the ABC PFFS plan but accepts the plan's terms and conditions for payment. Mary Rodgers sees Dr. Brennan for treatment. How much may Dr. Brennan charge - ANS-Dr. Brennan can charge Mary Rogers no more than the cost sharing specified in the PFFS plan's terms and condition of payment which may include balance billing up to 15% of the Medicare rate. Mr. Rainey is experiencing paranoid delusions and his physician feels that he should be hospitalized. What should you tell Mr. Rainey (or his representative) about the length of an inpatient psychiatric hospital stay that Medicare will cover? - ANS-Medicare will cover a total of 190 days of inpatient psychiatric care during Mr. Rainey's entire lifetime. Mr. Moreno invited his neighbor, Agent Tom Smith, to discuss Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D plans that Agent Smith sells at the regular Tuesday brunch the neighbors have for senior citizens. What should Agent Tom Smith tell Mr. Moreno about the kinds of food that can be provided to potential enrollees who attend the sales presentation? - ANS-A meal cannot be provided, but light snacks would be permitted. You have approached a hospital administrator about marketing in her facility. The administrator is uncomfortable with the suggestion. How could you address her concerns? - ANS-Tell her that Medicare guidelines allow you to conduct marketing activities in common areas of a provider's facility. Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn both take a specialized multivitamin prescription each day. Mr. Vaughn takes a prescription for helping to regrow his hair. They are anxious to have their Medicare prescription drug plan cover these drug needs. What should you tell them? - ANS-Medicare prescription drug plans are not permitted to cover the prescription medications the Vaughns are interested in under Part D coverage, however, plans may cover them as supplemental benefits and the Vaughn's could look into that possibility. Mrs. Berkowitz wants to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that does not include drug coverage and also enroll in a stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan. Under what circumstances can she do this? - ANS-If the Medicare Advantage plan is a Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plan that does not offer drug coverage or a Medical Savings Account plan, Mrs. Berkowitz can do this. Which of the following is/are most likely to be characterized as an involuntary disenrollment from a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan? I. The enrollee dies. II. An SNP enrollee loses special needs status due to substantially improved health. III. It is determined that the member is not lawfully present in the United States. IV. The member enrolls in another plan during the Annual Open Enrollment period. - ANS-I, II, and III only Ms. Brooks has an aggressive cancer and would like to k ANS-Medicare covers hospice services and they will be available for her. [Show More]

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