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WGU C217 Objective Assessment Study Guide. Questions and answers, 100% pass rate, Graded A+

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WGU C217 Objective Assessment Study Guide. Questions and answers, 100% pass rate, Graded A+ Multidimensional Perspective - ✔✔how cognitive, biological, and socioemotional development influence... each other Multidimensionally speaking, if a young boy breaks his leg how will he not develop according to Piaget? - ✔✔He will not be able to develop cognitively because he can't move to experience the world around him What are two examples of how growth expands and shrinks? - ✔✔Fluid intelligence, Crystallized intelligence When does fluid intelligence peak? - ✔✔In early adulthood, then declines When does crystallized intelligence increase - ✔✔continuously Plastic perspective - ✔✔the capacity for change When is a growth mindset most prevalent? - ✔✔In middle childhood because they are aware that they can change and develop. Memory training - ✔✔in older adults it can grow their cognitive abilities Multidisciplinary discipline - ✔✔Any field of study that finds interest in and studies human life and development Contextual development - ✔✔Every part of development happens in some type of context3 Influences of contextual development - ✔✔normative age, normative history, non-normative Normative age - ✔✔growth and development specific to a certain age (graduation) Normative history - ✔✔A person acts a certain way because they grew up during the Great Depression. Non-Normative life events - ✔✔specific to one person, effects their development. (death of a parent at a young age) 5 Types of perspectives - ✔✔Psychoanalytical, Cognitive, Behavioral, Ecological, Ethological Psychoanalytical Theorists - ✔✔Freud, Erickson Behavioral theorists - ✔✔Skinner, Bandura Cognitive theorists - ✔✔Piaget, Vgotsky Ecological Theorist - ✔✔Bronfenbrenner Ethological perspective - ✔✔Behavior is strongly influenced by biology and evolution. Characterized by specific periods of development. Psychoanalytical perspective - ✔✔-Unconscious forces - early experiences both shape development Cognitive perspective - ✔✔social and cultural interaction guide development Behavioral perspective - ✔✔we can only study what can be directly observed and measures. Ecological perspective - ✔✔environmental systems have several layers Information Processing - ✔✔cognitive theory that states how people process information, thoughts, memory, and language Who is famous for his psychoanalytic theory? - ✔✔Erick Erickson Erickson states that development is: - ✔✔Social and reflects a desire to affiliate with other people [Show More]

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