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WGU C182 Practice Tests Questions and answers, Graded A+. 2022

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WGU C182 Practice Tests Questions and answers, Graded A+. 2022 What is the definition of information technology? - ✔✔It is the technology used to create, maintain, and make information accessib... le. Which IT position has the responsibillity of working with routers and switches? - ✔✔Network Administrator In which generation were silicon chips first used in computers? - ✔✔Third generation Which low-level language corresponds one to one with assembly? - ✔✔machine language What allows an organization to use software through the internet? - ✔✔Saas or Software as a Service What is one of IT's role in golobalization? - ✔✔It allows companies to reach a wider customer base. Which category of computer has an external flat screen monitor, optical disk drive, and a large capacity hard drive? - ✔✔Desktop Which two software application packages would be classified as productivity software? - ✔✔Spreadsheet program and word processor Which two computer peripherals are connected to the computer through a port? - ✔✔External microphone and USB flash drive Which term is defined as a collection of information used to support management of an organization? - ✔✔Information systemA website logs the timestamp, location, and browser of every visitor. It then aggregates this content into peak traffic times and days,minimum and maximum hits for each country and region, and popularity of certain browsers among visitors. What is the timestamp considered in this scenerio? - ✔✔Data A dept. manager is creating a budget estimate for the upcoming year. The manager would like to determine whether the data will be available when the decision for the next year have to be made. Which characteristic of valuable data is the manager considering? - ✔✔Timely Which two are parts of an information system? - ✔✔Databases and Networks. What is the difference between processing and storage? - ✔✔Processing collects and translates data into useful information, while storage places the translated data in specific locations. Which is a benefit of multiple interconnected computers (distributed) versus mainframes or large computers? - ✔✔Costs for hardware resources are decreased A software emulator program that permits a computer user to use multiple computers and multiple platforms without the expense of purchasing multiple computers. - ✔✔Virtual machines Each computer is roughly equal to every other computer. - ✔✔Peer-to-peer [Show More]

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