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WGU C182 Objective Assessment Questions and answers, 2022. Graded A+

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WGU C182 Objective Assessment Questions and answers, 2022. Graded A+ First users were the engineers who built and programmed computers, then employees who had received specialized training were us... ers, and now today, anyone and everyone can be a user. - ✔✔Evolution of Users Sends files over the network at the request of clients. Responds over LAN, within one location/site. Support both application software and data files. - ✔✔FILE SERVER Turns a user-friendly domain name, like, into an Internet Protocol (IP) address like ((( ))) that computers use to identify each other on the network. - ✔✔Domain Name Server (DNS) Uses TWO KEYS a public and private key for performing encryption and decryption - ✔✔Public Key Encryption PROVING you are who you say you are which can be done by: what you know, what you have! - ✔✔Authentication TIER WHERE THE USER interface for the system is developed; SHIELDS THE USER from the underlying logic of the systems as well as the underlying data structures - ✔✔Presentation Tier SYSTEMS DEPLOYMENT Steps 1. System Conversion 2. Final Documentation 3. End User Training - ✔✔System Deployment CONNECTS MULTIPLES networks together; can be used to directly connect computers to a network; will relay messages to computers with APPROPRIATE IP ADDRESS - ✔✔ROUTERRequires that data is KEPT secure so that they are not accidentally provided or obtained by unauthorized users - ✔✔Confidentiality Protecting EVERY LAYER that SURROUNDS ((( DATA ))) - ✔✔Defense in Depth Can take on DIFFERENT FORMS depending on the complexity of the application; in certain instances, it is AN ACTUAL OBJECT that is an ACTUAL IMPLEMENTATION of the application - ✔✔THE MODEL Creates a subset of the data by reducing the data from multiple dimensions to one dimension - ✔✔Slicing Data The technology used in creating, maintaining, and making information accessible. - ✔✔Information Technology In charge of all aspects of the COMPUTER NETWORKS - ✔✔Network Administrator Focuses on the design, development, and support of DATABASE MANAGEMENT systems (DBMSs). - ✔✔Database Administrator Installs, configures, maintains, secures, and troubleshoots web severs - ✔✔Web Administrator Processed data. - ✔✔Information INFORMATION THAT HAS BEEN PUT TO USE information placed into a context. Refined information such that the user of the knowledge is able to call forth only relevant portions of information when needed. - ✔✔Knowledge in DIKW Provides a social setting to knowledge; AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE ((( WHY ))) Can only come by having BOTH KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE - ✔✔WISDOM The INPUT Processing, OUTPUT, STORAGE Cycle - ✔✔I.P.O.S.Raw data is organized or structured for usefulness. - ✔✔PROCESSED DATA Information is output so user can see results. - ✔✔OUTPUT DATA Processed information is stored for permanent record. - ✔✔STORAGE A collection of components that work together to meet the needs of the user; typically : CATEGORIZED AS EITHER HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, NETWORKS AND USERS - ✔✔COMPUTER SYSTEM Physical components of a computer system which include the system unit and its components and peripheral devices; TANGIBLE ASPECTS OF THE COMPUTER - ✔✔HARDWARE A collection of computers and resources CONNECTED by various media so that they can COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER. - ✔✔NETWORK Systems Software and Applications Software - ✔✔SOFTWARE CATEGORIES RULES provided by WHICH NETWORKS communicate with each other - ✔✔IP PROTOCOL [Show More]

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