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WGU C182 Objective Assessment Questions and Answers Latest Update 1. Cost savings benefits 2. Increased efficiency and productivity 3. Increased facilitation of communication Correct Answer- Comput... er Network Advantages 1. Identify the organization's information assets 2. Identify vulnerabilities of each asset 3. Determine threats 4. Prioritizing risks 5. Develop and enact policies that will reduce threats Correct Answer- Risk Management & Strategic Risk Analysis 1st - Must include a component that ensures the accuracy of the collected data 2nd - Must be entered into the system accurately 3rd - Data modification must be tracked Correct AnswerData Integrity Efforts A collection of components that work together to meet the needs of the user; typically : CATEGORIZED AS EITHER HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, NETWORKS AND USERS Correct AnswerCOMPUTER SYSTEM A collection of computers and resources CONNECTED by various media so that they can COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER. Correct Answer- NETWORK A collection of data and information used to support the management of an organization. Also refers to the technical components and human resources that enable the assembly, storage, and processing of data and the delivery of information. This has existed for a lot longer than computers. Correct Answer- Information Systems A collection of protocols. TCP/IP is an example. Correct Answer- Protocol Stack A computer being accessed over the network Correct Answer- Remote ComputerA LAN that uses the Internet Protocol Correct Answer- Intranet A message's pathway is only established as it is sent; the choice of pathway is based on availability and amount of message traffic Correct Answer- Packet Switched Network A software emulator program that permits a computer user to use multiple computers and multiple platforms without the expense of purchasing multiple computers; allows a user to run software for different OS platform in their computer that would not otherwise be able to run that software; this allows multiple users on a network to access the software to support collaboration. Correct Answer- Virtual Machine (VM) A type of programming language for which most of its implementations EXECUTES INSTRUCTIONS DIRECTLY AND FREELY, without previously compiling a program into machinelanguage instructions. Correct Answer- Interpreted Language (Code) Administration and Support Correct Answer- IT Professional Roles All peripheral devices where long term storage devices are used. Correct Answer- i/o Subsystem Allows you to obtain anything being sent over a network if the data being transmitted isn't encrypted Correct Answer- Packet Sniffing Always ends with a period and a THREE or TWO LETTER EXTENSION which signifies the TYPE of organization or country associated with the page Correct Answer- TLD (Top Level Domain) Name Exam: .edu .net . gov .org An attacker issues a SQL command to a web server as part of the URL or as input to a form on a company's website; web server might pass the command onto the database which then allows potentially anything to be done to the database Correct Answer- SQL InjectionAn interface for the user, often personalized for that given user, that provides access to the kernel. Correct Answer- Shell Attempts to identify if a file contains a virus or some form of malware Correct Answer- Antivirus Software [Show More]

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