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AVIA 245 Aviation Leadership Quiz 3, complete answers

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AVIA 245 Quiz 3 Liberty In Nehemiah Chapter 2, when the King saw that Nehemiah was sad, what did Nehemiah do right before he answered the King when asked about his request? According to Dr. Roof, th... e most powerful tool for leadership in developing a safety culture is Summarize what General George C. Marshall’s views on what a leader should do in the face of a difficult and discouraging situation? York identifies some causes of a critical spirit. Describe a cause that he names or one that you have personally seen, and explain how you may provide help to a person who has a critical spirit for the purpose of improving their attitude for the positive. You can use one of the stories he outlines in your description and explanation, or you can use a personal experience. At the end of Chapter two, what obstacle did Nehemiah face in his quest to rebuild the wall? According to York, attitude influences the ______________ , _______________ and ________________ of leadership. Humility is a key virtue when it comes to _____________. How did Dr. Roof say we could integrate our biblical worldview into our aviation world? Name one of the other leadership traits you scored high on the Strengthfinder 2.0 assessment and give a way in which it helps you in having the right attitude of a leader. In the context of leaders who are critical, York states that bad attitudes stem from ____________ and a leader’s inability to ____________ subordinates. According to Dr. Roof, in the complex world of aviation, how can you stand out as an aviation leader? [Show More]

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