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Introduction to HIPAA (U2L1) Questions with accurate answers, 2022/2023. Graded A

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Introduction to HIPAA (U2L1) Questions with accurate answers, 2022/2023. Graded A What does HIPAA stand for? - ✔✔Health Insurance Portability and Accountability When did HIPPA become a l... aw? - ✔✔The act was passed in 1996. What are the four main purposes of HIPAA? - ✔✔Privacy of health information, security of electronic records, administrative simplification, and insurance portability. Privacy Rule - ✔✔Provides detailed instructions for handling a protecting a patient's personal health information. Security Rule - ✔✔Provides regulations that make sure that confidential records are kept secure. Transaction and Code Set Rule - ✔✔States that all medical transactions and codes have become the same nationwide. Health Insurance Access, Portability and Renewability - ✔✔Provides continuous insurance coverage for people when they change or lose a job. What three types of safeguards must health care facilities provide? - ✔✔Physical, technical, and administrative safeguards [Show More]

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