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HIPAA Questions with accurate answers, 2022/2023. RATED A

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HIPAA Questions with accurate answers, 2022/2023. RATED A Which of the following is a circumstance that led to the 1996 passage of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act?... - ✔✔The rising cost of medical care has made consumers unable to seek needed treatment Which of the following acts contained many key changes to HIPAA as part of the Title XIII? - ✔✔ARRA Which of the following administrative bodies has enforcement authority for HIPAA Administrative Simplification Standards, including transactions, code sets, and identifiers? - ✔✔Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) According to HIPAA language, which of the following describes the term "covered entities"? - ✔✔Health care providers Which of the following examples would Not be a HIPAA standards- covered transaction? - ✔✔A patient sends an e- mail message to a physician that contains patient identification A new patient in a physician's office signs a HIPAA regulated form that details what will happen with the patient information obtained during his treatment. What is the term for this policy? - ✔✔Notice of privacy practices A health care provider "de-identifies" the health information in a patient's record. Which of the following occurs with this process? - ✔✔All PHI is removed from the patient record TPO is an important HIPAA term. Which of the following describes an aspect of this acronym? - ✔✔Treatment HIPAA contains standards that health care facilities must implement within a certain time frame. How many standards are included in this legislation? - ✔✔4 It is a general requirement of HIPAA to protect a patient's personal health information. What do is the term for this HIPAA requirement ? - ✔✔Standard HIPAA now mandates that all health care providers must ensure that they can send and receive information using standard data formats and data content. Who is responsible for compliance with this rule? - ✔✔Health care providers HIPAA legislation mandates that facilities have code sets. To which aspect of health care provision does this term apply? - ✔✔Health care billing Health care providers can disclose patient information according to HIPAA legislators, but they must identify a reason for each use. Which of the following is the correct term for this reason? - ✔✔Permission Which of the following is a recommended guideline for preventing incidental disclosures of PHI without authorization from the patient? - ✔✔Do not place patient charts outside exam rooms unless the file is reasonably protected Health care practitioners and facilities may be asked to disclose PHI " for the public good." With off the following is a recommended guideline for this process? - ✔✔Release PHI to public health authorities if child abuse or neglect is suspected In which of the following cases would it be forbidden to disclose PHI about a person? - ✔✔When the person is the subject of an investigation There are eight circumstances that apply concerning the disclosure of PHI to law enforcement officials. Which of the following is not one of these circumstances? - ✔✔In the case of a birth injury A healthcare professional provides a limited data set for research purposes. The recipient then enters into an agreement promising specified safeguards for the protected health information within the limited data seo. What is the definition of a limited data set? - ✔✔Protected health information with removal of certain patient identifiers What is the initial patient action if he or she feels a health care practitioner has violated the HIPAA privacy rule? - ✔✔The patient must file a written complaint with the secretary of HHS Standard 3 of the HIPAA legislation is the security rule.What does the term "security " mean in this situation? - ✔✔Polices are put in place to protect electronic PHI from unauthorized access A healthcare practitioner uses encryption to protect patient information from unauthorized [Show More]

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