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PH proctored questions and answers 100% correct

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PH proctored questions and answers 100% correct a nurse is working with a case manager for a client who participates in a health maintenance organization. the nurse should identify that a health ma... intenance organization provides which of the following payment structures? ✔✔the provider pays a fixed sum for the client on a monthly or yearly basis a home health nurse is caring for a client who has MRSA. which of the following actions should the nurse take? ✔✔double bag soiled dressings in polyethylene bags a community health nurse is teaching a group of clients about available resources to assist with recovery following a stroke. which of the following resources should the nurse recommend for clients who are experiencing dysphagia? ✔✔speech language pathologist a community health nurse is planning strategies to address childhood obesity in the area. which of the following actions should the nurse take first? ✔✔provide nutrition education to children and their families a school nurse is planning safety education for a group of adolescents. the nurse should give priority to which of the following topics as the leading cause of death for this age group? ✔✔motor vehicle safety a school nurse is implementing health screenings. which of the following assessment findings should the nurse recognize as the highest priority? ✔✔a child who has nits a school nurse is assessing a child and discovers Koplik spots on the child's buccal mucosa. which of the following actions should the nurse take? ✔✔review the immunization records of the client's classmates a nurse is assessing an outbreak of mumps among school age children. using the epidemiological triangle, the nurse should recognize of the following is the host? ✔✔the children a nurse manager at a clinic is reviewing the preventative services offered to clients. which of the following activities should the nurse identify as a secondary prevention activity? ✔✔advocate for laws that prohibit texting while driving a nurse is working to reduce individual and family violence in the local community. which of the following actions by the nurse demonstrates a primary prevention strategy to achieve this goal? ✔✔teaching parenting techniques to new [Show More]

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