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CAP Learn to Lead Chapter 1. Questions with answers, graded A

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CAP Learn to Lead Chapter 1. Questions with answers, graded A natural talent, education, training and experience - ✔✔What are the two sources of leadership ability? It requires hard work... . It requires an uncommon willingness to put the team's needs ahead of your own. - ✔✔If anyone can be a leader, why are leaders so rare? Tough-mindedness Tireless motivation - ✔✔What two characteristics does the Air Force use to describe the "warrior spirit?" Make sacrifices for the team Achieve long-term goals Defend personal honor - ✔✔What three things does a "warrior spirit" enable a person to do? Clear conscience Good reputation Being in an environment of trust and respect - ✔✔What three benefits can result from striving to achieve a "warrior spirit?" a "warrior spirit" - ✔✔a person who is attempting to foster trust and respect in team members is striving to achieve Integrity first Volunteer service Excellence in all we do Respect - ✔✔What are the four core values that all Civil Air Patrol members are expected to uphold? They are important moral guideposts. - ✔✔What should all men and women of goodwill agree upon concerning Civil Air Patrol core values and personal religious beliefs? integrity - ✔✔A person who is honest and morally courageous person has integrity - ✔✔The person who fulfills his responsibilities even in difficult circumstances has what personal quality? integrity - ✔✔Someone who doesn't blame others for their mistakes has what personal quality? integrity - ✔✔A person who doesn't take credit for others work has what personal quality? Individual wants and desires - ✔✔The core value of Volunteer Service teaches us that the needs of the team take precedence over what? acting in good faith. - ✔✔The core value of Respect challenges you to assume that friends and strangers are unique - ✔✔The core value of Respect challenges you to understand that each individual is A spirit of tolerance - ✔✔In what manner does respect challenge you to "accept others for who they are?" Excellence - ✔✔When you make a commitment to continuous self-improvement you're living which core value? [Show More]

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