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AORN Periop 101 Exam-(100% Verified with the correct answers)

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AORN Periop 101 Exam Spring 2022(100% Verified with the correct answers) AORN Periop 101 Exam (80% to pass)Spring 2022. When applying the concept of surgical conscience which of the following state... ment should be considered? Select all that apply. -Answer> A. It involves mental discipline & the ability to speak out B. It is essential to the delivery of optimal care and prevent harm. D. Surgical conscience allows for no compromise in the principles of aseptic technique. In preparing for a regulatory survey, your quality consultant questions you about the restricted zone in your OR suite. The following statements are true: -Answer> A. Air flow in the OR rooms should be cleaned by HEPA filters. C. Mask are required when open sterile supplies are present. E. Temperature is maintained between 68 and 75 degree F. You are assigned to relieve a surgical technologist for lunch. You will need: -Answer> A. A sterile gown and gloves opened on a table (other than the main instrument table) for closed gloving. The Joint Commission Universal Protocol consists of: Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Preoperative verification B. Surgical site marking C. Time Out Which of the following procedures reflects best practice for transferring a medication vial to the sterile field? -Answer> D. Use a sterile transfer device Which of the following practices is recommended for handling of natural absorbable suture? -Answer> C. Open the package carefully over a small basin to prevent splashing of the packaging solution Recommended sponge count procedures include all of the following EXCEPT? - Answer> B. Counting silently so it doesn't distract other personnel. What is the correct definition of incisional biopsy? -Answer> D. A small portion of tissue is incised and sent for examination. Which of the following methods listed below may prevent mishap, event, or fire from occurring when handling electrosurgical equipment? Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Allow enough time for alcohol based skin preparations to completely dry. B. Do not use in an oxygen-enriched environment, such as the trachea when oxygen is being "blown over" the patient.D. Visually check the integrity and insulation of all cords and coagulation instruments before use. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors that may lead to development of preoperative pressure ulcer include: Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Duration of the procedure B. Exaggerated positions C. Circulatory disorders D. Malnutrition Which of the following statements reflect the concept of critical thinking? Select all that apply. -Answer> C. Informed practice D. Holistic thinking E. Unbiased thinking F. Reasoned application of a step by step process What is the best drape to use for an umbilical hernia repair? -Answer> B. Laparotomy Which of the following statements correctly describes recommendations for preoperative patient skin antisepsis? -Answer> D. Prep should start at the site of the incision and move outwards. What are the 3 main factors to consider when assessing the patient for allergies? - Answer> C. Prior reaction, heredity, type of reaction The following steps can be used to reduce personnel exposure to specimen fixatives such as formalin. Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Avoid splashing while pouring C. When pouring wear gloves and a mask. D. Use absorbent material and then triple rinse with water any area or surface where accidental formalin spillage occurs. E. Store fixatives securely so they are inaccessible to persons unfamiliar with their use. After initial administration, which statement below the proper order of the 4 stages of general anesthesia affecting the patient? -Answer> A. Administration, excitement, intrasurgery, respiratory failure What responsibilities do OR staff members have in maintaining a safe OR environment? Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Adhering to facility policies related to safety B. Consistently applying OR specific safety practices D. Monitor, identify and report safety hazards. In addition to giving Dantrolene, which of the following treatment options for malignant hyperthermia should the nurse anticipate and prepare for? -Answer> B. Provide 100% oxygen, used iced saline to cool patient. An important difference between minimally invasive (MIS) and open surgical procedures is that MIS: -Answer> A. Can be performed through smaller incisions.While monitoring a patient undergoing local anesthesia, the nurse should be suspicious of systemic toxicity related to which of the following patient complaints? Select all that apply. -Answer> B. Metallic taste C. Numbness of the lips D. Tinnitus E. Visual Disturbances To place a patient safely in TRENDELENBURG position, which of the following practices is indicated? -Answer> B. Position knees over the break in the procedure bed to allow for knee flexion. The first step in the sterilization process of surgical instruments that have been used in case is: -Answer> A. Cleaning By using a high radio frequency electrical current, surgeons routinely use electrosurgery to _________ the tissue. -Answer> C. Cut and coagulate The preoperative team implements aseptic technique practices to meet all of the following primary goals EXCEPT? -Answer> A. Improve patient satisfaction Which of the following examples is included on the "Joint Commission" list of DO-NOTUSE abbreviations, Acronyms and Symbols? -Answer> A. MS When a "Time Out" discrepancy occurs, the nurse's priority action should be to: - Answer> A. Call the patient's family to make them aware of the situation. B. Document the "Time Out" discrepancy C. Notify the manager or administrator D. Stop the procedure from beginning until the discrepancy is resolved Which of the following statements about the immediate use steam sterilization is the recommended practice? -Answer> D. Instruments may be immediate use steam sterilized only when there is insufficient time tot process by the preferred wrapped or container method. Which of the following practices is recommended when transferring from gurney to the OR bed? Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Ensure that wheels are locked on both the OR bed and gurney prior to beginning transfer. D. Secure lines and catheters prior to the move and dislodging. Which of the following statements about regional anesthesia is correct? -Answer> B. Continuous nerve stimulation helps ensure proper needle placement during peripheral nerve blocks. What are the perioperative nurses responsibilities for the informed consent process? Select all that apply. -Answer> B. Act as a witness attesting to the authenticity of thepatient's signature; the voluntary nature of the patient's consent, and that the patient is competent to give consent. D. Ensure that the surgeon has discussed the proposed intervention and the risks involved with the patient and the patient has signed the consent. Which PNDS outcome is the most important when draping the surgical patient? - Answer> A. The patient is free from signs and symptoms of infection Which of the following components should be included in documentation of intraoperative patient position? Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Identification of specific positioning devices used B. Names of personnel assisting with positioning C. Placement of arms D. Position that the patient is placed in for the procedure The preoperative nurse's documentation of the skin prep procedure should include: Select all that apply. -Answer> A. The body area prepped B. Name of the person performing the prep C. Preoperative assessment of the skin at the operative site. D. Skin prep agent used. Which of the following statements about proper attire of surgical team members are true? Select all that apply. -Answer> C. Sterile gowns should resist fluid strike-through D. The scrub top must be secured at the waist or tucked into the pants Preoperative safety concerns that should be considered when caring fro a patient with an implanted electrical device (IED) include which of the following? Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Bipolar surgery should be used whenever possible B. The active electrode and dispersive electrode are close together but as far away from the IED as possible. D. The patient should be monitored closely for signs of complications and IED malfunction A patient is scheduled for reconstruction of her external ear following a dog bite injury. Which of the following skin prep agents is contraindicated for use in this case? - Answer> C. Chlorhexidine gluconate A __________ is a designated area on the sterile field where the scrub person and the surgeon place all sharp instruments. -Answer> A. Neutral zone Intraoperative responsibilities of the nurse caring for a patient undergoing a procedure with general anesthesia may include which of the following? Select all that apply - Answer> A. Applying cricoid pressure during intubation if necessary B. Double checking blood if administered D. Obtaining warming blankets and emergency equipment as necessary E. Assessing the patient throughout the operative procedureWhich of the following nursing tools does not reflect critical thinking and clinical reasoning? -Answer> A. A single procedure list used for all patients scheduled for that procedure. Your manager has asked you to provide an in-service to team members regarding hand hygiene. Important information for you to include is: -Answer> D. Skin is a major source of contamination in the surgical environment Identify the conditions listed below that are important considerations in maintaining the sterility of an item. Select all that apply. -Answer> A. The condition of the storage area, that is, cleanliness, temperature, humidity, air exchanges C. Traffic should be controlled to limit access to those trained in handling of sterile supplies D. Sterile supplies are able to bet stored in a manner that allows adequate air circulation. E. When storing items on the top shelf of a supply cart one to consider the distance between the top of an item and the ceiling The types of questions that a novice perioperative nurse might NOT ask her preceptor about an upcoming cardiovascular surgery include which of the following? -Answer> A. How does the conduction system of the heart work? Which of the following are advantages of disposable drapes? Select all that apply. - Answer> A. Disposable drapes are lint free. D. Using disposable drapes can minimize strike-through because of their moisture repellent quality. During your preoperative assessment of a patient undergoing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, which of the following considerations would be important to you as a preoperative nurse. Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Patients previous abdominal surgery. B. History of DVT. C. Voiding in the prep area prior to going to the OR. Which of the following is the best definition of sterile technique? Sterile technique is: - Answer> D. Implemeted during surgical procedures to prevent microbial contamination Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that promotes a culture of safety within a healthcare organization? -Answer> C. Prompt disciplinary action when errors occur. When setting up insufflation equipment for an abdominal endoscopic procedure the preoperative nurse should: Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Have a backup tank available C. Verify that the CO2 pressure and supply alarms are on and functioningWhen faced with an electrical power outage in the OR it is most important for the preoperative RN to remember that: -Answer> C. The nurse is responsible for knowing, understanding and complying with the facilities emergency electrical outage pace What interventions can the preoperative nurse preform to protect elderly patients? Select all that apply -Answer> A. Employ deep vein thrombosis prophylactic devices B. Position the patient for effective air exchange D. Use warming devices to maintain normothermia Which type of human factor is responsible for an error that occurs when a preoperative nurse is trying to attend to several tasks at once? -Answer> C. Situational A surgical hand scrub includes the following steps: Select all that apply: -Answer> A. Clean the sublingual areas of both hands using a disposable nail cleaner B. Dispense an approved antimicrobial scrub agent onto wet arms and forearms D. Wash all four sides of each finger, hand, and arm and repeat on the opposite side E. Wash your hands and forearms with soap and running water Put the following steps in order when opening a wrapped sterile package: -Answer> 1. Open the farthest wrapper flap 2. Open side flaps 3. Open the nearest wrapper flap Preoperative documentation should include: Select all that apply: -Answer> A. Administration of ordered preoperative medication C. Performance of the Universal Protocol for preventing wrong site, wrong procedure, wrong person surgery D. Skin assessment The following information is important in the management of forensic specimens. Select all that apply. -Answer> A. Forensic specimens include but are not limited to hair, fibers, debris, body fluids and foreign bodies B. Forensic specimens require special handling when the surgeon is using metal instruments C. Hospitals need to have policies to give guidance to the preoperative nurse about the management of forensic specimens According to the CDC, which surgical wound classification should be documented for the patient who underwent a laparoscopic appendectomy with the diagnosis of perforated appendicitis? -Answer> D. Class IV (Dirty/Infected) The preoperative nurse should avoid placing the dispersive electrode on the following areas. Match the area with the rational listed below: -Answer> A. Scar tissue: May act as insulation B. Tattoo sites: contain metallic elements that could attract currentC. Implanted prosthesis: Contain metal which could attract current and impede return current flow D. Hairy sites: Inhibits the flow of electrical current Which of the following strategies should be considered for implementing successful infection control? -Answer> B. Washing your hands prior to greeting the patient in the pre-operative room Which of the following practices help to prevent contamination in the surgical suite? Select all that apply -Answer> B. All horizontal surfaces should be damp dusted before the first scheduled procedure of the day. C. hands should be washed with soap and water for at least 15 seconds D. Surgical suites should be cleaned after each surgical procedure with a lint free or microfiber cloth moistened with detergent for disinfectant and water. Which of the following statements about counts is correct? Select all that apply. - Answer> A. All preoperative personnel involved in a surgical procedure are responsible for the accuracy of sponge counts B. All preoperative personnel involved in a. surgical procedure have a duty to remain aware of the location of sponges on the sterile field and in the wound. C. All sponges must remain in the OR room until the sponge count is complete. E. Two people, one of them whom is the RN circulator, must preform the sponge count An immediate latex allergic response has 3 stages. Which of the following states is matched with the appropriate symptoms? -Answer> C. Can progress to a sudden drop in blood pressure, increased heart rate and potential circulatory collapse The surgeon's preference for the preoperative skin pre includes the application of an alcohol and chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) solution. The primary reason for allowing this prep to dry prior to draping is because: -Answer> B. Fumes trapped underneath the drapes and could ignite Which of the following is a method for preventing blood-borne pathogen exposure? - Answer> A. Changing gloves during regular intervals during a procedure Which elements are required to create an environment where the culture of safety is embraced? Select all that apply. -Answer> A. A sense of trust among all team members B. Development of a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach D. Sincere commitment to affirming safety as the first priority E. Verification of receipt of all information at all levels of the organization Which of the following are qualities of skin adhesive products? Select all that apply. - Answer> B. They can be used in place of sutures. D. They are primarily used on facial, extremity, and torso wounds.Which of the following practices violates a patient's ethical right to self-determination? - Answer> A. Automatic intrapoperative suspension of a don-not-resusucitate decision Which of the following is NOT an example of an ethical dilemma that preoperative nurses may encounter? -Answer> C. Family disagreement about a below knee amputation of an 19 year old who has already given consent Identify the general guidelines for identifying and labeling specimens. Select all that apply -Answer> A. Ask the surgeon to identify the specimen B. Complete the laboratory or pathology requisition C. Label the outside of the specimen container with the patients name, identification number, description and source of the specimen and surgeon Which of the following statements about the gowning procedure are correct? -Answer> D. Step back from the table into an unobstructed area to let the gown unfold A psychosocial assessment may include the patient's: Select all that apply -Answer> A. Cultural beliefs and practices B. Expressed level of anxiety or stress C. Spiritual or religious beliefs D. Understanding of the surgical procedure Proper OR attire for restricted areas includes: Select all that apply -Answer> C. Twopiece scrub suit with top tucked into the pants and secured at the waist D. Warm-up jacket snapped, with cuffs down to wrists How can the preoperative nurse directly contribute to financial efficiency in the OR? Select all that apply. -Answer> B. Manage the length of cases by having all needed supplies ready C. Participate in product evaluation and waste reduction activities D. Reducing turnover time E. Working to attain on-time starts All of the following organization provide guidance related to tissue banking EXCEPT: - Answer> D. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) After setting up for a total joint procedure, a dirty instrument is discovered on the sterile back table while waiting for the patient to enter the OR. What actions should be taken to correct the contamination? Select all that apply -Answer> B. Change the gown and gloves of the contaminated team members C. Break down the entire back table and re-establish a sterile field Important skills affecting the clinical setting include which of the following? -Answer> D. Problem solving and situational awarenessIf you have completed your case and must transport your patient to PACU. To give report to the PACU nurse, your facility requires the use of SBAR format, which includes: -Answer> C. Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation The dispersive electrode should: -Answer> C. Be placed as close to the operative site as possible Which of the following latex sensitivity categories match the description provided? - Answer> C. Irritant contact dermatitis: non allergic skin reaction usually aggravated by glove power and chemical agents added to raw latex If the preoperative team is unable to extinguish the fire in the OR, recommendations include: -Answer> C. Evacuating the patient and the preo [Show More]

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