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CLG 0010 DoD Government wide Commercial Card Exam Latest UpdateWhich Of the Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card Program's Mandatory oversight procedures involves validating that all data mining ... cases are closed and assessing the key purchasing and management internal controls? Correct Answer-Daily Data Mining Case Reviews ////// Semi-annual head of activity reviews//// Procurement Management Reviews/////// How Long does Foreign Military Sales Documentation have to be retained following a case closure Correct Answer-6 Years and 3 Months //////// 8Years//// 6 Years////// 10 Years An Unauthorized commitment is an agreement that is not binding solely because the agreement involved a purchase amount above the micro-purchase threshold. Correct Answer-False Which two of the following must be included in supporting documentation for all governmentwide Commercial Purchase card Transactions? Correct Answer-Receipt Invoice Which three of the following are cardholder considerations before purchase? Correct Answer-Obtain Approval from the Agency/Organization Program Coordinator Ensure adequate and appropriate funds are available-Correct Determine if any special requirements or approvals are required.-Correct Check for availability from required sources-Correct /////////// What is defined as any felonious act of corruption or attempt to cheat the government or corrupts the government's agents by charge card program officials. Correct Answer-Internal Fraud [Show More]

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