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MED SURG 2 Session 4 Exam 2 - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Score for this quiz: 97 out of 99

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A nurse performing a physical assessment of a client gathers both subjective and objective data. Which finding would the nurse document as subjective data?A nurse is reviewing the findings of a physi... cal examination that have been documented in a client's record. Which piece of information does the nurse recognize as objective data? A nurse is making an initial home visit to a client with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who was recently discharged from the hospital. Which type of database does the nurse use to obtain information from the client?A nurse is examining a 25-year-old client who was seen in the clinic 2 weeks ago for symptoms of a cold and is now complaining of chest congestion and cough. The nurse should proceed with the examination by collecting which? A client is brought to the emergency department after a motor vehicle accident. The client is alert and cooperative but has sustained multiple fractures of the legs. How should the nurse proceed with data collection? The nurse, performing an abdominal examination, inspects the client's abdomen. Which assessment technique does the nurse perform next?A nurse is gathering supplies to perform a physical assessment of a client. Which necessary item does the nurse select to perform the Weber test? [Show More]

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