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Community Health ATI Retake 3 Exam(questions &answers 100%correct)

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Community Health ATI Retake 3 Exam(questions &answers 100%correct)Signs of measles before rash? Correct Answer-Fever, conjunctivitis, fatigue, cough, runny nose, red eyes, sore throat Signs of measl... es with rash? Correct Answer-Koplik spots in mouth, severe fever, red/ brown rash starts on face Education for chlamydia? Correct Answer-Condoms, treat all previous partners, pregnant women should be retested after 3 weeks of finished med, broad spectrum/ bactericial amoxicillin/ azithromycin Chlamydia is reported to? Correct Answer-Local health department Who identifies hazards in the occupational environments? Correct Answer-NIOSH Calculate incidence rate? Correct Answer-New cases/ total population * 1000 Priority finding during school screening? Correct Answer-Lead exposure great than 10 cuz normal is 0 Environmental factors of community? Correct Answer-Geography, climate, flora, fauna, topography, toxic substances, vectors, pollutants [Show More]

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