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Introduction to Psychology. Sophia Milestone 3. 100% Passed

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Sophia Introduction to Psychology Milestone 3 1 According to Jung, our unconscious is made up of which two aspects? Dreams and reality Personal unconscious and collective unconscious Introversi... on and extroversion Public self and private self CONCEPT Neo-Freudians: Jung 2 Which of the following psychoanalytic theorists developed theories of neurosis, basic anxiety, and interpersonal relationships? Henry Murray Alfred Adler Sigmund Freud Karen Horney CONCEPT Neo-Freudians: Horney and Adler 3 Which of the following describes the superego? The component of Freud's structure of personality that controls thought The component of Freud's structure of personality that determines whether certain behaviors are acceptable The component of Freud's structure of personality that provides impulses and aspirations CONCEPT Id, Ego & Superego 4 When an assessment tool measures what it is intended to measure, it has which of the following attributes? Objectivity Validity Reliability Projectiveness CONCEPT Assessment Types 5 Select the true statement about common traits. They are specific to an individual. They are shared by all human beings. They are the basic traits that explain a person's actions. They are shared by most people in a specific culture. CONCEPT Introduction to Trait Theory 6 Social cognitive theory states that self-efficacy is a person's ability to do which of the following? Believe that he or she will execute a task successfully Believe that he or she is in control of his or her emotional states and conscience Master social persuasion and relationships with peers Retain high self-esteem throughout his or her life CONCEPT Social Learning Theory 7 A behavioral assessment involves __________. a psychologist who places a subject in an experimental setting and records the results a psychologist who interviews a subject and records how his or her responses, and whatever else he or she says an observer who uses a rating scale to grade a subject's behaviors an observer who records how many times certain behaviors occur CONCEPT The Basics of Assessments 8 Which stage of a child's psychosexual development did Freud describe as a time when the mouth is the main focus of behavior? Anal Phallic Genital Oral CONCEPT Freud's Psychosexual Stages 9 Which school of psychology examines unconscious thoughts and desires, and their effects on people’s behavior? Cognitive behaviorism Psychoanalytic psychology Structuralism Gestalt psychology CONCEPT Psychoanalytic Theory 10 Which of the following is related to a person’s curiosity and adventurousness? Neuroticism Openness to experience Conscientiousness Extroversion CONCEPT Five Factor Model of Personality 11 Bill Sr. and his son, Billy, are both shy. Billy often clings to his father's leg in new situations, a habit that Billy’s grandfather said Bill Sr. had as a boy. Bill and his son's similar behavior can be partly explained by __________. synchronicity the five factor model twin behaviors behavioral genetics CONCEPT Introduction to Personality Theory 12 A questionnaire that measures people on four different scales of personality traits, and then matches them to one of 16 personality types, is the __________. Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Rorschach Inkblot Test Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) CONCEPT Specific Personality Assessments 13 Something in the environment that influences and encourages a person's action is called __________. a cue a reward a driver a stimulus CONCEPT Learning Theory 14 Matt is driven and responsible. He likes to get things done quickly and is competitive. His competition with others, however, sometimes becomes hostile. Matt likely has which of the following? Type A personality Type B personality General anxiety disorder Social anxiety disorder CONCEPT Type A and Type B Personalities 15 A person's view of him- or herself as a good and worthwhile person is called __________. positive self-regard ideal self Self-actualization Congruence CONCEPT Humanism 16 According to Rogers' self theory, which of the following is NOT a part of the self? Positive self-regard True self Ideal self Self-concept CONCEPT Self & Self Actualization [Show More]

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