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CST CERTIFICATION REVIEW Questions with Complete Answers, Graded A. 2022/2023 updates

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CST CERTIFICATION REVIEW Questions with Complete Answers Plicae circulares, microvilli, and villi are responsible for: -Answer- increase absorption area ___________ comes in numbered sets frequent... ly used in neuro-surgical procedures. - Answer- pennifield dissectors Reese and Padgett are types of ___________. -Answer- dermatomes Instrument used to remove plaque during carotid endartectomy: -Answer- Freer: elevator accumulation of squamous epithelium that forms a mass that is destructive ti the middle ear: -Answer- cholesteatoma muscle that alters the shape of lens to accommodate vision: -Answer- ciliary muscle colposcopy is performed for what condition? -Answer- cervical carcinoma; abnormal pap-smear The only artery in the body that carries deoxygenated blood is the: -Answer- pulmonary artey Sterile water is used during a mastectomy because it is categorized as: -Answer- Hypotonic What is commonly used for treatment of retinal detachment? -Answer- cryotherapy unit what's the name of a sharp endometrial currette? -Answer- Sims The nerve that is at greater risk for injury during a thyroidectomy is the: -AnswerLaryngeal (recurrent) A disease that can be caused by a pathogen: -Answer- pneumonia (streptococcus pneumoniae) coagulation with the harmonic scalpel is accomplished by the use of: -Answerultrasonic energy Instrument used for dacryocystorhinostomy: -Answer- oscillating sawProcedure that involves moving the ulnar nerve from one location to another: -AnswerTransposition When opening sterile supplies and instruments, where should the surgical technologist gown and gloves be opened? -Answer- mayo stand: separate surface Middle muscular layer of the uterus is the: -Answer- myometrium How would the CDC classify a disease that is consistently present in a community? - Answer- Endemic What drug is used for anaphylatic reaction? -Answer- antihistamine Insertion of an intraaortic balloon pump is done to treat patients with a/an? -Answerleft-ventricular failure For which of the following do burr holes provide adequate exposure: -Answer- subdural hematoma The venous sinus at the junction of the sclera and cornea is the: -Answer- canal of Schlemm Cardiac drug that increases myocardial contractility? -Answer- calcium cholride Abnormal excessive development of male breast? -Answer- Gynecomastia Incision that divides the linea alba? -Answer- vertical mid-line Which of the following is one of the 4 defects involoved in tetrology of fallot? -Answerright ventricular hypertrophy What is used to instill contrast media into the biliary system intraoperativley? -Answercholangiocath funnel shaped distal opening of the fallopian tube is the: -Answer- infundibulum which organ is responsible for the synthesis of many of the coagulation factors: - Answer- liver The acronym "MAC" denotes what type of anesthesia care: -Answer- Monitored Anesthesia Care Sterile dressing materials should be opened onto the sterile back table by the: -Answercirculator Uneven curvature of the cornea: -Answer- myopiawhat is the purpose of applying cricoid pressure? -Answer- occlude the esophagus Which laser is used to coagulate bleeders during laproscopic procedure? -Answer- CO- 2 A sterile wrapped package impervious woven material drops on the OR floor, the CST should: -Answer- break the integrity of the package and discard the item The outer covering of the brain and spinal cord is the: -Answer- Dura mater What monitoring device is used to obtain indirect arterial blood pressure? -Answersphygmomanometer Which of the following anatomical structures is involved in the hiatal hernia: -Answerstomach Aqueous humor of the eye is found with the: -Answer- anterior chamber Which homeostatic agents is contraindicated for use on bone: -Answer- oxidized cellulose What is the congenital abnormality that is characterized by the presence of cerebrospinal fluid and spinal nerves in a sac protruding dorsally: -Answermyelomengocele glaucoma results from blockage of the: -Answer- canal of Schlemm what surgical procedure is performed to fuse a joint: -Answer- arthrodexsis Bladder retraction during a cesarean section? -Answer- De Lee Which fixation device is indicated for a femoral neck fracture: -Answer- cannulated screw which endoscopic procedure of the suspention of the bladder neck for treatment of stress incontinence? -Answer- stamey procedure mechanical method of hemostasis: -Answer- bone wax A drain inserted during a cholecystectomy? -Answer- malecot What PPE would a CST wear during extracorppreal shock wave lithotripsy? -Answerlead apron Which peripheral nerve is decompressed in a CTR? -Answer- medianWhich is a portion of the stomach? -Answer- Antrum Which anatomical structure does an inguinal hernia deffect occur? -Answertransversalis fascia Which self retaining retractors has the most parts/attachments? -Answer- bookwalter What term means a nonmaliganent enlargement of the prostate? -Answer- BPH What procedure restores function of a nerve by freeing it from adhesion's? -Answerneurolysis To obtain direct arterial pressure, the catheter is inserted into which artery? -AnswerRadial A type of cataract extraction when the lens and its capsule are removed? -Answerintracapsular Surgical procedure that resects the dorsal root of a spinal nerve for relief of trigeminal neuralgia? -Answer- rhizotomy which of the following surgical instruments would be found on a nasal setup: -Answercottle speculum Pedicle screws are used to correct what condition? -Answer- Spinal degeneration What procedure is performed to correct talipes calgus or talipes varus? -Answer- triple arthrodesis The enzyme to soften the zonoules of the lens before cataract surgery is: -Answeralph-chymotrypsin when perforated metal trays are placed on the shelves of the steam sterilizing cart, they should be placed: -Answer- flat Which laser beam can travel through clear tissues without heating them: -Answerargon which portion of the stomach surrounds the lower esophageal sphincter: -Answercardia A properly performed surgical scrub renders the skin: -Answer- surgically clean through which of the following do the common bile duct and pancreatic duct empty? - Answer- ampulla of vaterwhich identifiers must be verefied by the patient or their ID bracelet prior to transporting a patient to the OR? -Answer- Name, date of birth, and physician which of the following is not a benefit of using surface mounted sliding doors for access to the or? -Answer- aide in controlling temperature What are the 3 factors for reducing ionizing radiation exposure? -Answer- time, shielding, and distance what is the 1st part of the small intestine? -Answer- duodenum How are rickettsiae transmitted? -Answer- arthropod bites [Show More]

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