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AHIP Final Exam Test Questions and Answers(2022/2023)(VerifiedAnswers

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AHIP Final Exam Test Questions and Answers(2022/2023)(VerifiedAnswers) Mr. Davis is 52years oldandhasrecentlybeendiagnosedwithend-stagerenal disease (ESRD)andwill soonbegindialysis. Heis wonderingi... fhecanobtaincoverageunder Medicare.Whatshouldyoutellhim?correctanswersHemaysign-upforMedicareat any time however coverage usually begins on the fourth month after dialysis treatments start. JuanPerez,whois turning age65nextmonth,intendstoworkfor several more years at Smallcap,Incorporated.Smallcap hasaworkforceof15 employeesandoffers employer-sponsoredhealthcarecoverage.Juanis anaturalizedcitizenand has contributed totheMedicaresystemforover20years.Juanasksyou ifhewillbe entitledto Medicareandifheenrollshowthatwillimpact his employer-sponsored healthcare coverage.Howwouldyourespond?correct answersJuanis likelytobe eligible for Medicare once he turns age 65 and if he enrolls Medicare would become the primary payor of his healthcare claims and Smallcap does not have to continue to offer himcoveragecomparabletothoseunderage65underitsemployer-sponsoredgroup healthplan. Mr. Moy'swifehasaMedicareAdvantage plan,buthewantstounderstand what coverage Medicare Supplemental Insurance provides since his health care needs are different from his wife's needs. What could you tell Mr. Moy?correct answersMedicare Supplemental Insurancewouldhelp coverhis PartA and PartBdeductiblesor coinsurancein Original Fee-for-Service(FFS) Medicareaswellas possiblysome servicesthatMedicaredoes notcover. Mrs. Peňa is 66 years old, has coverage under an employer plan, and will retire next year. She heardshe mustenroll inPartBatthebeginningoftheyeartoensureno gap incoverage.Whatcanyoutellher?correctanswersShemayenroll atanytime while sheiscoveredunderheremployerplan, butshewillhaveaspecial eight-month enrollmentperiod afterthelast monthon heremployerplanthat differsfrom the standard general enrollmentperiod,duringwhichshemayenroll inMedicarePart B. Mrs. Chen willbe 65soon,hasbeenacitizenfor twelveyears, has beenemployedfull time, and paid taxes during that entire period. She is concerned that she will not qualify for coverageunder part Abecauseshewas notbornintheUnitedStates.Whatshould you tell her?correct answersMost individuals who are citizens and age 65 or overare coveredunder Part Abyvirtueofhaving paidMedicaretaxes whileworking,though some maybecoveredasaresultofpayingmonthly premiums. [Show More]

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