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ENG 225 Week 4 Quiz 1 (version 3) 2020 Solution, Ashford University.

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ENG 225 week 4 quiz 1 Which of the following are considered elements of mise-en-scène? actors and their performances the camera angles used to frame a scene the score and/or s... oundtrack the director’s vision, technical proficiency, and interior meaning Question 2 Set in Brooklyn on the hottest day of the year, Do the Right Thinguses intense lighting and warm colors to what purpose? to draw attention to the fashion choices of the era to cast a golden hue over the good old days in Brooklyn to emphasize the differences between characters to heighten the tensions and emphasize the heat, both actual and existential Question 3 Which of the following statements is true about a star actor’s effect on his/her movies? By playing choice roles in small films, stars get lost among lesser-known actors. Certain actors can be counted on to create buzz and bring audiences to the movies. Stars are better performers than less famous and supporting actors. You Answered Stars base their entire careers on their ability to stand out to audiences. Question 4 Which of the following is a danger of using stars in movies? A star can overwhelm the film in which he or she acts. All stars are not actors, while all actors are stars. The movies are not able to generate any kind of publicity. High star salaries cause cutbacks on production expenses and special effects. Question 5 The scenery, the props, the actors, and their costumes are all part of what? cinematography Correct! mise-en-scène editing background score Question 6 Which of the following examples of mise-en-scène would best develop a character’s backstory? the character arguing with her parents about how they were never there for her use of a green screen and CGI specific artifacts and pictures adorning the character’s apartment You Answered the placement of actors in relation to one another Question 7 What happens when a director is open to improvisation in dialogue delivery by actors? The editing process becomes easy for the director. Correct! The spoken exchanges between actors are likely to sound like genuine conversations between people. The actors will offer fewer variations while shooting several versions of a given scene. The actors will take complete control and responsibility of the mise-en-scène. Question 8 Which of the following is the primary role of actors in movies? writing the script creating the film Correct! bringing a written character to life controlling the mise-en-scène of the film Question 9 Which of the following is a non-diegetic element in films? narration by a character in the film superimposed titles in the film natural sound effects matching sources seen on the screen You Answered music that is heard by characters in the story Question 10 Which of the following was the first 100% all-talking feature? The Jazz Singer Birth of a Nation Duel in the Sun Correct! The Lights of New York Question 11 What is the name of the process used to create everyday sound effects in films? Dolby Sony Correct! Foley Mickey Question 12 Which was the last year that saw major Hollywood studios produce mainstream movies as silent movies? 1910 Correct! 1929 1933 1936 Question 13 Which of the following is an example of diegetic sound? Correct! dialogue between characters voiceover narration soundtrack songs musical score Question 14 What did filmmakers consider to be an advantage of silent films? They allowed for more realism. They left more to the audience’s imagination. You Answered They relied on subtle movements and expressions. They were less dependent on the audience’s interpretation. Question 15 In any specific film, you may find that the three categories of sound cannot be used together because of the limitations of recording technology. Correct! can be used together to support and enhance the visual elements. can be used together only when the visual is blacked out. cannot be used together because it confuses the audience. [Show More]

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