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LETRS Unit 2 Final Assessment Questions and Answers, Latest Updates.

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LETRS Unit 2 Final Assessment Questions with accurate answers, Latest Updates. Graded A How is the word pl - ay divided in this example? - ✔?onset-rime How many spoken syllables are there in but... tered? - ✔?2 How many spoken syllables are there in possible? - ✔?3 What ability would students have who had attained advanced levels of phonemic awareness? - ✔?They can read most grade-level words by sight Which teaching strategy would be most helpful for students who confuse the sounds /f/ and /th/ in their own speech? - ✔?Have the student look in a mirror while describing and producing each sound. Which student is demonstrating the most advanced level of phonemic awareness? - ✔?a student who reverses the order of sounds in perch to make chirp A student writes the word went as "wet." What aspect of phonology is associated with this common spelling error? - ✔?Answer is NOT "affrication of the stop consonant when it is after a nasal" or "substitution of a final stop for a nasal consonant" Phonological awareness tasks that emphasize segmentation and blending of two- or three-phoneme words align with which level of phonological awareness according to Kilpatrick? - ✔?basic phonemic awareness Which set of words would be appropriate for practicing four-phoneme blending? - ✔?quit, sling, roast If a student obtains a low score on a test of rapid automatic naming (RAN), what is the teacher's best course of action? - ✔?Continue to develop phonological awareness at the appropriate levels. Which phonological awareness activity would be most appropriate for early kindergarten students in Ehri's prealphabetic phase? - ✔?recognizing [Show More]

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