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What is the primary goal of treating TBI? How is this done? Correct Answer- preventing secondary brain injury. This is done by maintaining blood pressure and providing adequate profusion. After mana... ging ABCDEs of TBI what MUST be identified if present? How is this done? Correct Answermass lesion that requires surgical evacuation is critical! this is done with CT. NOTE: obtaining a CT should not delay patient transfer to trauma center. Which brain lobes do the following hold: 1. anterior fossa: 2. middle fossa: 3. posterior fossa: Correct Answer- 1. anterior fossa: frontal lobes 2. middle fossa: temporal lobes 3. posterior fossa: lower brainstem and cerebellum What are the 3 layers of the meninges? Correct Answer- dura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater What does the dura mater adhere firmly to? Correct Answer- the skull. it is tough and fibrous What layer of the meninges splits into two leaves as specific sites to enclose large venous sinuses? What do these sinuses do? Correct Answer- dura mater. these sinuses provide major venous drainage from the brain. What is the midline sinus of of the brain that splits into two sinuses: bilateral transverse and sigmoid sinus? What side are these bigger on? Correct Answer- The main sinus enclosed by the dura major is the midline superior sagital sinus. This splits into the sigmoid and bilateral transverse sinuses which are larger on the right side. What are the arteries that lie between the skull and the dura [Show More]

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