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LETRS Unit 4 Session 8| Questions and Answers.

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LETRS Unit 4 Session 8 Questions and Answers Graded A+ The "formula" for how much time to allocate to word work varies by grade level; teachers should never deviate from the established formula for... the grade they teach. ✔✔false Most students can easily adapt if they need to switch between one program used for core instruction and another used for intervention. ✔✔false Approximately how much time should be spent on code-based or word work activities in firstgrade language arts? ✔✔b. 30-40 percent Mrs. Montoya follows a routine for teaching a new letter to her kindergarteners: name it, say its sound(s), skywrite it, and discuss words that start with it. Which word best describes this practice? ✔✔Systematic Which is the best example of instruction that is sequential? ✔✔d. teaching the concept of vowel teams, then teaching these long a vowel teams in order: ai, ay, ei, eigh [Show More]

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