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LETRS-Unit-1-Post Test. Q&A.

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LETRS UNIT 1 POST TEST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 100% CORRECT Which statement best describes the relationship between reading comprehension and word decoding in a beginning reader's development? ✔✔... Accurate, fast word recognition is necessary for development of reading fluency and text comprehension. Near the close of the day, a kindergarten teacher guides the students in conversation about the day's activities. She writes down what is said on large chart paper, then reads it to the class. This activity would aid their literacy development primarily by promoting which skill? ✔✔phonological awareness What is the most important implication of the Four-Part Processiong Model for Word Recognition? ✔✔Reading depends on constructing pathways between the phonological, orthographic, and meaning processors. After results of a winter screening, six second-graders scored in the "somewhat at risk" range. What is the next step the teacher team should take? ✔✔Analyze the screening results and gather additional diagnostic assessment data. How is the word sn-ow divided? ✔✔onset - rime How many spoken syllables are there in frightening? ✔✔Three How many spoken syllables are there in cleaned? ✔✔Two What is the main reason that the ability to identify, segment, blend, and manipulate individual phonemes in spoken words is important for reading an alphabetic writing system? ✔✔Each letter in a word represents an individual phoneme Students with relative weaknesses in basic phonemic awareness are most likely to make progress if the teacher provides which practice? ✔✔asks students to look into a mirror while they describe the way that target phonemes are formed in the mouth Which student is demonstrating the most advanced level of phonemic awareness? ✔✔the student substituting a sound in a given word and saying the new word A student spells skin as sgin. What type of phonological error did she make? ✔✔substitution of a voiced for an unvoiced consonant Having students listen to a word, say it, and then mentally reverse the sounds in the word is an instructional activity that would be most appropriate for which students? ✔✔those who have mastered basic phonemic awareness How can phonics instruction be organized to be most effective? ✔✔around a preplanned progression through a logical scope and sequence Which word group might a teacher include in a lesson focused on identification of consonant blends? ✔✔plan, squirm, train Which word group might a teacher include in a lesson focused on reviewing consonant digraphs? ✔✔phone, throne, shown In the early alphabetic phase of word-reading development, students know some letter-sound correspondences and most letter names. A student at this level is most likely to progress with what type of instruction? ✔✔blending 2-3 phoneme-grapheme correspondences within simple, onesyllable words [Show More]

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