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Introduction to RPA and Automation Questions and Answers Already Passed

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(Automation Lifecycle Stages) Matt documents his work processes in Task Capture before sending it to the RPA Team. ✔✔Discover (Automation Lifecycle Stages) Carmen automates her Data Entry tasks ... using StudioX. ✔✔Build (Automation Lifecycle Stages) Chloe schedules an automation to run every Monday and Friday. ✔✔Manage (Automation Lifecycle Stages) Ben uses UiPath Assistant to start his day. He runs automations developed by the CEO. ✔✔Engage (Automation Lifecycle Stages) Marta checks how many hours and how much money were saved by an automation. ✔✔Measure (RPA enhancement) Automating SAP through direct integration with the platform instead of relying on User Int. ✔✔RPA + Native Integrations (RPA enhancement) Measuring the amount of money saved by an automation since the implementation. ✔✔RPA + Advanced Analytics (RPA enhancement) The robot is freed to execute another automation while waiting for human confirmation. ✔✔RPA + Long-running Workflows (RPA enhancement) Discovering automation use-cases in the organization by analyzing back-end data. ✔✔RPA + Pr [Show More]

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Bundle for RPA Developer Tests | Updated & Verified | Everything you need to Pass!!

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