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Defense Acquisition University PMT 252 252 Lesson 2 test . Module 2 Exam

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Contains 27 Questions (Attempt=1/3) Module 2 Exam 1) Which phase of the acquisition lifecycle would use proactive risk management activities to address risk associated with new requirements, follow... -on increments, or deferred activities? Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction (TMRR) Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) Materiel Solution Analysis (MSA) Production and Deployment (P&D) 2) Which stage of the issue management (IM) process is characterized by the following scenario: After a higher-grade sealant was used to stop a screen fogging issue, the issue status was updated on the issue register, and will be tracked until the screen passes testing. 2.18 pg. 70 of 82 Issue analysis Issue planning Issue monitoring Issue corrective action 3) How should the government mitigate risk to ensure the most successful outcome? 2.6 pg. 29 of 57 Manage the most critical risks and have the contractor manage less critical risks. Assume most risk responsibilities, rather than transferring to the contractor. Transfer all or most risk responsibilities to the contractor. Share risk responsibilities with the contractor. 4) Your program, which has never managed more than two projects at a time, is 1 10175072 1 10162483 1 10162439 1 scheduled to kick off five projects within a two-week period. This will require more rigid organizational, communication, and management skills to ensure success moving forward. Which of the following best describes this situation? It is neither risk nor opportunity. Need more information to determine if it is a risk or an opportunity. It is only a risk. It is only an opportunity. 5) The validity of a framing assumption (FA) is monitored by tracking which of the following? 2.5 pg. 7 of 27 The number of risks and issues over the life of the program The degree to which unexpected risks and issues surface during Milestone (MS) B Metrics, expectations, and implications during execution The number of high level risks identified 6) Your expansion program for a base in a foreign territory has been periodically delayed due to protestors blocking the streets to prevent construction vehicles from entering the base. Based on the situation, a corrective action plan is in place, but construction is now at a standstill. What would be the most appropriate step to manage and track this issue? 2.18 pg. 73 of 82 Feed the information into future process steps. Review the issue level and adjust the corrective action plan. Monitor the issue to collect only estimated cost information. Update the issue infrequently at informal meetings. 7) The following describes which type of category of risk: In an effort to stem cyberattacks aimed at Navy fighter jet communications and other essential systems, a new program is launched to reengineer the system integration to improve overall system security. If the initial reprogramming adjustments do not pass testing, the communication system will require a complete reprogramming effort, requiring an additional 1½ years to 10175053 1 10162427 1 10175068 1 the schedule. 2.7 pg. 40 of 57 Business Technical Programmatic 8) The following describes which source of potential risk: The program development team uses an intranet to exchange documents between multiple centers. The Information Technology (IT) team reported that the system has received over 7,000 attempted security break-ins in the last two weeks alone. 2.8 pg. 21 of 48 Requirements Security External Factors Management 9) Based on the results of a simulation, there is an 80% chance that the project will end one week behind schedule. Using the table provided, what would the cumulative schedule risk be, based on a one calendar week schedule delay? 2.9 pg. 11 of 59/ Level Probability of Occurrence Schedule Impact 1 0% to 19% 0 to 5 days 2 20% to 39% 6 to 10 days 3 40% to 59% 11 to 15 days 4 60% to 79% 16 to 20 days 5 80% to 100% 21 to 25 days Probability 2; Schedule Impact 5 Probability 5; Schedule Impact 2 Probability 5; Schedule Impact 5 Probability 2; Schedule Impact 2 10) Which of the following is the main difference between an opportunity and an issue? 10175029 1 10162454 1 10162464 1 2.14 clear as mud, answer deck is misleading, risk is never this complicated but the acquisition community makes it complicated. I cannot believe we pay people 100k a year to do this. Issues are resolved through resource reallocations; opportunities can only be addressed through innovation. Issues cannot be managed with as much precision as opportunities. Issues can only have a negative impact on a project. Issues can be analyzed and tracked; opportunities cannot. 11) Your government program team is developing a new underwater helmet equipped with enhanced visualization technology. Condensation issues threaten the visibility of the screen and your team does not have the means to deal with the risk. You contract with a separate group of industry materials and mechanical engineers since they can better address that specific risk and offer a set of solutions back to you as you monitor their progress. This is an example of which mitigation strategy? 2.11 pg. 28 of 75 Avoidance Transfer Control Acceptance 12) At the working level, which of the following is a responsibility of the Integrated Product Team (IPT) during the risk management (RM) process? 2.6 pg. 19 of 57 Review and validate identified program-level risks. 10162417 1 10175039 1 10175027 1 Determine whether new or updated risk analyses and mitigation plans are adequate. Identify and submit candidate risks while supporting execution of the RM process. Identify the need for RM training for IPT personnel. 13) When should the Program Risk Process (PRP) Document be written? 2.6 pg. 34 of 57 Within the first 90 days following the kick-off meeting. Before the Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued. Before reaching the first milestone. As soon as possible when starting a new project. 14) Your team is analyzing cost and schedule data performance to a baseline plan. Which monitoring tool would be most appropriate? 2.12 pg. 61 of 64 Risk information form Management indicator system Earned value analysis Technical performance measurements (TPMs) 15) Which step of the Department of Defense (DoD) Risk Management Process provides an estimate of each risk’s likelihood and consequence? 2.3 pg. 6 of 14 Monitoring Analysis Mitigation Identification 16) What would be the appropriate corrective action for the following issue: As part of your program, a major training exercise is scheduled to take place that includes the use of handheld radios to monitor the exercise itself. Five months before the training exercise, 10162441 1 10175042 1 10162420 1 planners discover strong interference signals in the training area that prevent the radios from operating effectively. They looked at eliminating the risk by taking an alternate approach to replace the current radios and use different radios that achieve the same desired effect. Ignore Control Avoid Transfer 17) During the Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction (TMRR) phase, the goal is to primarily reduce types of risk, including life cycle costs, engineering and which of the following? Management Integration Design Security 18) What type of information can be gathered from a cost risk analysis (CRA)? 2.13 pg. 47 of 51 A summary of the final costs for the program at completion of the program's life cycle A list of cost overruns to date and indications of where cost savings can be made in future tasks Early estimations of cost overruns and the ability of the system to achieve the program’s life cycle cost objectives A summary of cost trends derived from similar programs and an indicator of how those may translate into cost risks in the current program 10175065 1 10175070 1 10162475 1 19) Opportunities are which of the following? 2.18 pg. 4 of 82 All future positive events in a program achieved by successful early design, planning, and coordination among program stakeholders Any future potential events that could affect the success of a program, usually identified through quantified cost and schedule analyses Future benefits to a program's cost, schedule, and/or performance baseline, usually achieved through reallocation of resources Any future effects to a program's cost, schedule, and/or performance, usually achieved through adjustments to design and/or technical specifications 20) Which of the following is an objective of risk process planning? 2.18 pg. 16 of 82 Answers only the question "why are these tools used to execute the RM process?" Ensures sound Earned Value Management (EVM) principles, tools, and techniques are applied to the RM program Describes the roles and responsibilities of all program personnel Ensures sound risk management (RM) principles, tools, and techniques are applied to the RM program 21) Within a program at the management level, which of the following entities reviews the risks owned by the Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)? 2.6 pg. 10 of 26 Program manager (PM) Risk Owner Program Risk Management Board (RMB) it’s a trick IPT Risk Management Board (RMB) 22) Which type of risk analysis has the highest chance of injecting bias into the risk identification process? 10162478 1 10162433 1 10175024 1 2.10 pg. 56 of 75 Lessons learned Delphi Technique Product Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) risk analysis Expert interviews 23) It has been reported that fiscal policy changes may result in a 10% reduction (about $150,000) in funding for your program in the coming fiscal year. Your team estimates that there is a 40% chance that this reduction will be realized. Based on the likelihood and consequence table, what are the appropriate likelihood (L) and consequence (C) values? Level Probability of Occurrence >1% to ¡Ü20% Schedule Impact Minimal or no schedule impact ( <5 days) Cost Impact <$20,000 1 2 >20% to ¡Ü40% Able to meet key dates (1 - 4 weeks) $20,000 - <$100,000 3 >40% to ¡Ü60% Minor schedule slip, able to meet key milestones (¡Ý4 weeks - 3 months) $100,000 - <$150,000 4 >60% to ¡Ü80% Significantly impacts ability to meet key milestones (¡Ý3 months - 4 months) $150,000 - <$200,000 5 >80% to ¡Ü99% Schedule slip requires major schedule rebaselining (>4 months) ¡Ý$200,000 L = 3; C = 3 L = 4; C = 4 L = 2; C = 5 L = 2; C = 4 24) Which of the following is presented with the resultant histogram of Monte Carlo simulations? WTF? 10162459 1 10175032 1 10175033 1 Mean, or average, completion date of the project Final delivery dates for each task of the project Task durations for a specific part of the project based on comparisons with similar systems Final costs based on the completion date of the project 25) Which of the following sets of documents provides risk root causes for each phase of a program? Prototyping results Technical reviews Testing results Trend analyses 26) Which of the following is a critical success factor to ensure effective risk management (RM)? Experienced program management Risk management roles, responsibilities, and relationships Clearly detailing project requirements in the Request for Quotation (RFQ) Establishing priority risk categories 27) A program generally should have 3-5 framing assumptions. Which of the following is an attribute of a framing assumption? Is derivative of other assumptions Is generically applicable to all programs •Consequences cannot be easily mitigated 10162447 1 10162423 1 10174997 1 Does not significantly affect program expectations [Show More]

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