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Harvey Hoya Ihuman Key Findings Primary Diagnosis: Essential hypertension: This also known as primary hypertension. It is the type of hypertension without an identifiable cause. ICD10 CODE: - I10 ... Second Primary diagnosis: Sleep Apnea unspecified. ICD 10 CODE-G47.30: Mr. Harvey symptoms are pointing out towards an obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Some of the symptoms are the daytime somnolence, morning headache. That may be contributing to his hypertension diagnosis. 3 Differential Diagnosis • Secondary hypertension: This should be described as a hypertension caused by another medical condition. That means that the elevated blood pressure results from identifiable underlying condition could be led to diagnosis of secondary hypertension. (Domino, et al, 2021). Since Mr. Harvey has an undiagnosed sleep apnea for so long, that might be the cause of the elevated blood pressure. (Domino, et al, 2021), states that the most common secondary cause of high blood pressure in elderly are sleep apnea, renal disease, renal artery stenosis, and primary aldosteronisms (PA). CONTINUED... [Show More]

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