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WGU C182 Intro to IT - Practice Test A-Answered 100% Correct

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Marcus has a summer job working at a real estate agency. He is entering client addresses into the company's computer system. At which state of the DIKW is Marcus working? - ANSWER Data Which softwa... re is run automatically rather than by the end user - ANSWER System software Which account is also referred to as root or superuser? - ANSWER The Administrator Account Which of the following best describes a hierarchical database format? - ANSWER Data are modeled using parent-child relationships Which of the following would NOT be the responsibility of the system administrator? - ANSWER Answering e-mails from potential customers Which of the following is an example of a relational database? - ANSWER A database containing student records with fields such as Student ID, First Name, Last Name, Major, GPA that links to other databases in the University's system. Which of the following describes the duties of a web administrator? - ANSWER Duties include maintaining and securing the web server. Also responsible for troubleshooting the web server. Which of the following statements accurately describe IT certifications? - ANSWER Earning an IT certificate indicates an IT professional has a thorough background in a specific IT area. Which of the following is NOT an important characteristic of an IT professional? - ANSWER Strong math background and programming skills As a new sales manager, Sylvia is studying the historical and current sales report numbers to determine the top three salespersons of the year. At which stage of the DIKW hierarchy is Sylvia working? - ANSWER Knowledge Which of the following statements describes the difference between information systems and information technology? - ANSWER An information system does not have to use computer hardware or software; whereas information technology requires the use of hardware and software. Which of the following statements best represents the relevant characteristic of quality data? - ANSWER The data used applies to the question being answered. Which of the following is/are true of the IPOS cycle? - ANSWER Once words, numbers or images are entered, a computer processes the data into usable information that can then be accessed to answer questions or meet specific needs. Which of the following is an accurate definition of a computer system? - ANSWER A computer system is a collection of hardware and software components that work together to meet the needs of the user. Which of the following would NOT be considered hardware? - ANSWER Word processor. Select the statement that best describes the difference between software and hardware. - ANSWER Computer software is developed by writing a program using programming language whereas computer hardware is the physical components such as memory modules and disk drives. Which of the following would NOT require the use of a network? - ANSWER Loading a statistical program on your personal computer. Which type of software includes programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint? - ANSWER Application What is a program that will allow a computer to easily access the hardware and software of the computer system? - ANSWER Operating system _____ software works with hardware to provide a network service - ANSWER Windows Server What is another term that defines a script? - ANSWER Interpreted program In the _____ design phase of the SDLC (system development life cycle) the system is described in abstract terms using modeling tools such as flowcharts, UML and entity-relationship diagrams. - ANSWER Logical Software testing conducted by a client or a specific department within an organization, is called: - ANSWER Alpha This phase of testing consists of using actual (i.e., live) data in the real working environment - ANSWER Beta _____ _____ occurs when the old system is "turned off" and the new system is "turned on" at a specific date and time. - ANSWER Direct Conversion [Show More]

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