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CIW IBA 1.14 OBJECTIVE Exam REVIEW with Complete Solution

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Which of the following is an example of a trademark? - ANSWER The apple icon on the covers of many Beatles albums Which choice lists the basic elements of authorship, according to copyright law? - ... ANSWER Expression and originality Which of the following is protected by copyright? - ANSWER The lessons explaining DNA concepts on the Web site You are ultimately responsible for your Internet use and the possible ramifications of posting personal information to the Web. The explosion in social networking via the Web has given rise to the "Right to Be Forgotten" argument, which asks: - ANSWER whether people have the right to remove damaging information about themselves on the Internet. You are a network administrator for a medium-sized organization. The receptionist has had several problems with malware recently. The receptionist does not need to access external Web sites to perform his job, but he does use his computer for company documentation and internal communication with co-workers. Which of the following will help prevent additional malware from being installed on his computer? - ANSWER Restrict this employee's access to the Internet. Which of the following can protect your company's data, prevent data from being intercepted by malicious outsiders, and deter hackers? - ANSWER Encryption Which statement is true regarding international copyrights of digital information? - ANSWER An international copyright does not exist. Employers can monitor their employees' e-mail messages sent to and from the company network because: - ANSWER all information carried by the company's communication system is company property. The level of secrecy offered by encryption is dependent on: - ANSWER the type of encryption used and the size of the key. You avoid adding yourself to unwanted mailing lists, you conduct online transactions through secure Web sites, and you are selective when posting information to newsgroups. These actions will help you: - ANSWER minimize the amount of spam you receive. Harley works in the sales department at his company. He feels that the company's marketing team is not doing a good job, so without direction or permission, he starts his own social networking page to help. His page has a name similar to the company's. He posts company logos on it and uses text copied from the company Web site. He posts news and sends tweets to customers and others interested in the company. When the company learns of this, what action is it most likely to take? - ANSWER Human Resources will issue a cease-and-desist letter, take control of Harley's page, and terminate Harley's employment for copyright and trademark infringement. Your company has provided you with a desktop computer to use at work. You have configured your e-mail client on this work computer to include your personal e-mail account so that you can conveniently download messages and check your personal e-mail. Which of the following is true? - ANSWER The company can read your personal e-mail messages. Your company's strength is marketing and sales. Your production team is assigned to rebrand the content obtained from an independent author so your sales team can sell it under your company's name. The author's original work is protected under her legal ownership. So your project manager obtains permission from the author to use her work, in exchange for a royalty fee and a contributor credit in the book. Which term describes this permission arrangement? - ANSWER License Your company is about to release a proprietary product. Suddenly a competitor releases a very similar product that uses design data exactly like that from your company's product. You later learn that the proprietary data was leaked to the competitor. What preventive measure would have ensured that your company's proprietary information was protected from this type of action? - ANSWER Monitoring employees' messages [Show More]

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