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SIEM ✔✔utilities that receive information from log files of critical systems and centralize the collection and analysis of this data. ArcSight ✔✔SIEM Example Offers multiple models Can gen... erate compliance reports for HIPAA, SOX and PCI-DSS QRadar ✔✔SIEM Example helps eliminate noise by applying advanced analytics to chain multiple incidents together and identify security offenses requiring action. Splunk ✔✔SIEM Example Uses machine-driven data imported by connectors or add-ons. Premises-based or cloud-based solution. AlienVault ✔✔SIEM Example goes beyond traditional SIEM software with all-in-one security essentials and integrated threat intelligence. OSSIM ✔✔SIEM example open source version of AlienVault Kiwi Syslog ✔✔Log Management software Gathers log data and SNMP very cheap lacks fe [Show More]

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Bundle for CySA+ Tests | Updated & Verified | Everything you need to Pass!!

Bundle for CySA+ Tests | Updated & Verified | Everything you need to Pass!!

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