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WGU C202 (Managing Human Capital - Chapter 4) Questions and Answers Rated A

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Strategic planning ✔✔a process for making decisions about an organization's long-term goals and how they are to be achieved Talent inventories ✔✔databases summarizing each employee's compete... ncies, qualifications, languages spoken, and anything else that can help the company understand how the employee can contribute replacement charts ✔✔graphically shows current jobholders, possible successors, and each successor's readiness to assume the job succession planning ✔✔identifying, developing, and tracking employees to enable them to eventually assume higher level positions gap analysis ✔✔comparing labor supply and demand forecasts to identify future talent needs action plans ✔✔a strategy for proactively addressing an expected talent shortage or surplus scientific management ✔✔breaks work down into its simplest elements and then systematically improves the worker's performance of each element [Show More]

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