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SEJPME II PRE TEST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERSPre Test • Here is the test result.Correct answers are shown by * next to the choice or given below the question. • The highlighted questions are the questi... ons you have missed. • Remediation Accessed shows whether you accessed those links.'N' represents links not visited and 'Y' represents visited links. Back to Status page contains 50 Questions 1) The non-operational chain of command runs directly from the President to the Secretary of Defense and then to the _____. Service Chiefs via the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Secretaries of the Military Departments and then to the Combatant Commanders Combatant Commanders via the Service Chiefs Secretaries of the Military Departments and then to the Service Chiefs (correct) 2) With respect to DSCA missions, which one of the following statements best characterizes DoD's role? are limited in duration and scope (correct) are unlimited in duration and scope may only consist of those related to homeland defense (HD) may only consist of those related to homeland security (HS) 3) What is the product of joint force development? [Remediation Accessed :N] a joint command team joint concepts and plans a trained and capable joint force (correct) joint doctrine and publications 4) Leaders at all levels should be vigilant and consistent in the prevention, identification, and fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA). False True (correct) 5) The purpose of a(n) _____ action is to concentrate the effects of combat power at the most advantageous place and time to produce decisive results. [Remediation Accessed :N] offensive objective maneuver mass (correct) 6) An intelligence estimate of the enemy campaign lines of operation based on intelligence reporting of an extremist group's use of safe houses and the local population for logistical support is an example of what level of intelligence? Theater strategic Human Tactical Operational (correct) 7) The _____ is the primary intelligence organization that provides support to the combatant commands at the operational and tactical levels. National Intelligence Support Team (NIST) Joint Intelligence Operations Center (JIOC) (correct) Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center (DJIOC) Joint Intelligence Support Element (JISE) 8) Military operations vary in scope, purpose and _____ across a range that spans from military engagement to major operations and campaigns. contingencies conflict intensity (correct) expected outcome end state 9) Campaigns are most often applied when conducting _____. interdictions foreign humanitarian assistance large scale combat operations (correct) forcible entry 10) The "Seize the Initiative" phase of joint operations seeks decision advantage by using all available elements of combat power to: (Select all that apply.) seize and maintain the initiative (correct) deny the enemy the opportunity to achieve its objectives (correct) denounce enemy military by using propaganda to turn public against their military leadership generate in the enemy a sense of inevitable failure and defeat (correct) 11) The purpose of field maintenance operations is to repair, modify, rebuild, and overhaul both entire systems and components and is directly linked to life cycle systems readiness. False (correct) True 12) The principles of personnel support are defined as having a _____ that is _____. command emphasis; responsive, and responsible command emphasis; synchronized, unified, and flexible (correct) staff emphasis; synchronized, unified, and flexible staff emphasis; responsive and responsible 13) Which statement describes the difference between the responsibilities of the supported combatant commander (CCDR) and the supporting CCDR? The supported CCDR builds and validates force and movement requirements, whereas the supporting CCDR reports force movement requirements data. (correct) The supported CCDR regulates the transportation flow of support personnel, whereas the supporting CCDR regulates the force flow based on strategic, operational, and tactical control. The supported CCDR ensures units retain visibility and mobility, whereas the supporting CCDR determines pre-deployment standards. The supported CCDR establishes a collaborative process, whereas the supporting CCDR must prioritize mission, align forces, and consider planned theater distribution. 14) _____ emphasizes planning for the next phase of operations or sequels to the current operation. [Remediation Accessed :N] Future plans (correct) Future operations plans Current operations plans Theater-strategic plans 15) What activity involves analysis of COAs from individual functional perspectives to determine each COA's supportability and coordinates results in a collaborative knowledge-based environment? Initial Report Mission Analysis Planning Guidance Development Staff Estimates (correct) 16) What APEX function determines the final action(s) that should be taken within a completed plan? Concept development Plan assessment (correct) IPR A IPR R 17) The _____ stage of the commander's decision cycle is facilitated by the commander's intent; CCIRs also assist the JTF HQ in this role. direct (correct) plan assess monitor 18) The joint communications system includes doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures, organizational relationships, and technology. This contributes to _____. [Remediation Accessed :N] cyberspace strategic agility network-enabled operations information superiority (correct) 19) That portion of the law of war pertaining to unnecessary suffering does not apply as long as combatants use lawful weapons. False (correct) True 20) A coalition can best be described as _____. a relationship that results from a formal agreement such as a treaty those willing to participate an ad-hoc arrangement between two or more nations for common action (correct) a union overseen by an intergovernmental organization such as the United Nations 21) Select the answer that matches the following definition. This type of command is established on a geographical or functional area, with a mission that is limited and specific. Subordinate Unified Command Joint Task Force (correct) Unified Combatant Command Specified Combatant Command 22) Intelligence should increase the commander's understanding of the threat and adversary's probable intentions, end states, objectives, most likely and most dangerous COAs, strengths, and critical capabilities. This allows the J2 to _____. approve the command Joint Manning Document direct Joint Reception, Staging, Onward movement and Integration (RSO&I) identify, define, and nominate objectives which are consistent with the threat and are relevant to the JFC's mission and intent (correct) define Commander's Critical Information Requirements (CCIR) 23) What effect(s) can occur when commanders retain tactical level decision-oriented CCIRs at the operational level in lieu of decentralizing CCIRs associated with decentralized decision approval levels? slows subordinates' agility adds unnecessary reporting requirements shifts HQ's focus away from setting conditions All of the answers are correct (correct) 24) Which of the following is an example of a tool used to help maintain situational awareness of the various CCIR criteria that the staff and stakeholders are monitoring? [Remediation Accessed :N] decision support template (DST) notification criteria matrix JOC chart (correct) storyboards 25) What action(s) should commanders consider to ensure information sharing with partners of foreign countries? developing sufficient capacity to enable foreign disclosure and information sharing (includes having Foreign Disclosure Officers (FDO) on the staff) instilling an inclusive mindset that balances a "need-to-share" and "need-to-know" mentality with stakeholders considering both physical and virtual collaboration means to gain information and develop knowledge all of the answers are correct (correct) 26) What serves as an authoritative document(s) that sets the standards for the collection and dissemination of information to support timely informed decisions and maintain shared situational awareness? [Remediation Accessed :N] knowledge management plan (KMP) and information management plan (IMP) (correct) knowledge management guide (KMG) and information management guide (IMG) operations plan (OPLAN) and operations order (OPORD) all of the answers are correct 27) The PMESII variables describe a set of non-military effects, which are relevant for coordination with USG agencies. Four of these variables are _____. [Remediation Accessed :N] multinational, support, economic, and information multinational, social, infrastructure, and information political, military, economic, and information (correct) defense, information, military, and economic 28) Military forces operating in another sovereign country must account for certain limits to their actions in achieving mission accomplishment. Which of the following is an operational environment key insight that explains why their actions may be limited? Commanders cannot always achieve a full understanding of the geopolitical environment within the host nation due to the pace in which the battlespace geometry changes The actions of battlespace owners (BSOs) operating with host-nations and non-coalition partners are significantly limited unless joint task force commanders provide the BSO with "coordinating authority." Host nation and non-coalition players may not recognize or heed the military-centric viewpoint of BSO joint operating areas (JOA) and areas of operation (AO). (correct) Host nations and non-coalition partners do not cooperate with military commanders because they distrust the intentions of the U.S. 29) In apportioning forces to accomplish both assigned tasks and the tasks of the supported commanders, what is a key responsibility of the supporting commander? [Remediation Accessed :N] taking the time to ascertain the supported commander's requirements (correct) remaining involved and arbitrate any differences between the supported commander and the establishing authority coordinating the specific functions between all military departments or forces assigned to the operation requesting liaison and directing of reporting requirements 30) Significant design efforts, during deliberate planning at combatant commands, produce results as those commands _____. (Select all that apply.) adapt deliberate planning for crisis situations (correct) execute their plans during exercises (correct) take every situation on its own terms (correct) 31) A highly functioning joint staff _____. (Select all that apply.) knows how the commander best receives information (correct) can quickly translate the commander's guidance and intent (correct) has a battle rhythm that complements the Commander's Decision Cycle (correct) 32) Which statement best describes what is meant by the term "battle for the narrative?" struggle to be first to control the messages that only the adversaries will hear in order to inform and/or influence their beliefs and perspectives challenge of constructing similar strategic narratives distributed throughout multiple networks to reinforce the beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of our coalition partners and host nation governments race to exploit and change the perceptions of our international partners in order to forward the goals and intentions of the U.S. Government and its allies ongoing "information war" between competing nations, entities, and/or ideologies to gain superiority over the adversary's narrative and align communication efforts (correct) 33) No matter what staff organization a commander decides upon, there is a need to add a/an _____ activity to the battle rhythm. communication-related (correct) key audience-related action-related operation-related 34) Planning for communication activities involves the careful alignment of themes and messages with which of the following? (Select all that apply.) [Remediation Accessed :N] U.S. government interagency partners (correct) lead agencies for the intelligence element of national power lead agencies for the law enforcement element of national power coalition partners (correct) lead agencies for the diplomatic element of national power (correct) higher and lower headquarters (correct) 35) Communication strategy is not a separate or parallel effort, but an integral part of the commander's overall strategy that ensures a shared understanding of the commander's vision, mission, and objectives. False True (correct) 36) Communication strategy is the commander's tool for engaging in the "battle for the narrative" through _____. (Select all that apply.) providing guidance to subordinate leaders at all levels (correct) empowering subordinates to take the initiative in the information environment (correct) establishing a separate communications effort eliminating the "say-do gap" where actions, words, and images do not match (correct) 37) Which of the following are challenges commanders face in identifying key audiences? (Select all that apply.) [Remediation Accessed :N] Key audiences could be any group of people who may impact the joint task force's operations. (correct) Key audiences may overlap local, regional, and global arenas. (correct) Key audiences do not include groups of people who are hostile to the mission. Key audiences may be adversarial, neutral, or friendly. (correct) Key audiences will all have the same reactions to words, actions, and images. 38) The communication strategy working group (CSWG) is informed by subordinate units and the interagency stakeholders, and supports planning across the current operations, future operations, and future plans event horizons. True (correct) False 39) For the actions that support the communication strategy, why is assessment important? Strategies are static and unchanging. Assessment determines the assets available to the commander. Strategies enrich understanding of information operations. Assessment helps to focus and redirect communication efforts when the environment changes. (correct) 40) What are some of the key billets the commander will need to consider filling right away? (Select all that apply.) principal staff officers (correct) J8 Junior enlisted leaders Chief of Staff (correct) deputy commander(s) (correct) 41) Which of the following terms relates to key times when commanders interact with their staffs? "hold points" "touch points" (correct) "white space" "critical paths" 42) Targeting opium farmers with public affairs messages to influence them to accept alternative income for the opium crop falls under which diplomatic, informational, military and economic (DIME) activity? [Remediation Accessed :N] diplomatic military economic informational (correct) 43) Which of the following provides the necessary upfront direction for the synchronization of staff planning efforts for both lethal and nonlethal activities? planning guidance, commander's intent, and an operational framework (correct) objectives, priorities, and an operational framework targeting data, diplomatic information military and economic (DIME) data, and planning guidance objectives, priorities, and commander's critical information requirements (CCIR) 44) Which of the following elements of staff organization solve a single planning problem on a single event horizon? J-code staff elements civil military operations (CMO) working groups operational planning teams (OPT) (correct) 45) How can the sustainment community provide better support to the components and the commander's decision-making? The sustainment community provides better support when it comes together as a team that is fully integrated across the staff. (correct) The sustainment community provides better support when it focuses closer on the tactical fight. The sustainment community provides better support when its numbers of available staff personnel are commensurate with the size of the tactical force it is designated to support. 46) What important insight should always be considered when filling JFC headquarters' billets? [Remediation Accessed :N] flexibility is important; consider alternate sourcing for hard-to-fill billets (correct) commander's annual review of the joint manning document (JMD) reduces the time and effort required to validate the document J1 manages the joint manning document (JMD) to oversee sourcing which only includes core staff and individual augments alternate sourcing options should not be used due to the problems with mismatched skill sets 47) Which of the following describes how assessments deepen the understanding of the operational environment (OE)? (Select all that apply.) Assessments depict progress toward accomplishing the mission. (correct) Assessments inform commander's intent, guidance for design and planning, prioritization, and execution. (correct) Assessments answers what happened, why it happened, and what do we need to do improve. (correct) 48) The basis for establishing an assessment includes all of the following, EXCEPT? Assessment helps deepen the understanding of the operational environment. The plan, including unit's mission, objectives, and desired environmental conditions, forms the basis for assessment. Assessment supports joint force progress towards accomplishing the mission. Assessment enables an accurate visualization of past success as a template for all future missions. (correct) 49) The authority to protect the resilience and redundancy of critical civilian infrastructure resides with the National Security Agency (NSA) under which U.S. Code? [Remediation Accessed :N] Title 10 Title 14 Title 50 (correct) Title 22 50) These commands are established by combatant commanders when authorized by the Secretary of Defense through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to conduct operations on a continuing basis in accordance with the criteria set forth for unified commands. They may be established on a geographic area basis such as U.S. Forces Japan or on a functional basis such as Special Operations Command, Pacific. [Remediation Accessed :N] combatant commands subordinate unified commands (correct) joint task forces functional component commands [Show More]

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