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AORN Periop 101 Final Exam Questions Latest Updates and correct answers

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AORN Periop 101 Final Exam Questions Latest Updates Who can provide anesthesia care? (4) >>> 1. Anesthesiologists 2. CRNA's 3. Anesthesia assistants 4. Periop nurses 4 types anesthesia >>> General -... loss of consciousness Regional - loss of sensation Local - small area loss of sensation MAC - IV Whose responsibility during MAC to monitor pt? >>> RN What should RN monitor during MAC? (3) >>> 1. Extravasation of IV 2. Reduction of arterial O2 sat 3. Difficulty breathing 4 Stages of anesthesia >>> 1. Initial administration 2. Excitement - unconscious to loss of eyelid reflex 3. Intrasurgery 4. Possibility of resp failure 3 Phases of Anesthesia >>> 1. Induction - admin until 1st incision 2. Maintenance - incision to completion 3. Emergence - from when pt awakens until pt exits OR What is often used for upper extremity nerve blocks? >>> IV regional anesthetic/Bier block Where is epidural anesthetic injected? >>> between ligamentum flavum and dura (NOT spinal canal) What helps ensure proper needle placement during peripheral nerve block with regional anesthesia? >>> continuous nerve stimulation First sign of Malignant Hyperthermia >>> increased end-tidal CO2 What should be done for pt with MH crisis? >>> 1. Stop surgery & stop triggering agents 2. Give dantrolene 3. Give 100% O2 4. Cool pt with iced saline Mentor or preceptor? "One who provides encouragement and acts as a guide and facilitator while modeling professional nursing behaviors" >>> Mentor Mentor or preceptor? "One who teaches, counsels, inspires, serves as a role model, and supports the growth and development of the novice for a fixed and limited period" >>> Preceptor Mentor or preceptor? Guides nurse through a wide range of professional activities >>> Mentor Mentor or preceptor? Guides nurse through defined clinical activities >>> Preceptor What should intra-abd pressure be maintained under in an adult pt during CO2 insufflation for endoscopic surgery? >>> 12 mm Hg Single most important factor in minimizing microorganism transfer >>> Hand hygiene The most effective method for floor care in surgical suite >>> Wet vacuuming When should air sampling be done in OR? (3) >>> 1. Before construction begins 2. After demolition 3. At end of project examples of mechanical hemostasis (8) >>> 1. Manual pressure (sponges) 2. Clamps 3. Sutures 4. Staples 5. Clips 6. Ligatures 7. Pledgets 8. Bone wax [Show More]

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