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Portage Learning A&P II: Final Exam questions and answers. 100% Accurate.

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This is a collection of cell bodies found in the peripheral nervous system. - Ans-Ganglia This part of the autonomic system increases digestion. - Ans-Parasympathetic The ventral root of a nerve con... tains what type of neurons? - Ans-Motor (Efferent) This part of a neuron conducts nerve impulses away from the cell body. - Ans-Axon An interneuron inside the spinal cord is part of the: - Ans-Central nervous system Describe the synthesis and storage of neurotransmitters. - Ans-The neuron cell body manufactures neurotransmitters, which are stored in secretory vesicles at the end of axon terminals. An afferent neuron carries information: - Ans-From the peripheral to the central nervous system What is the location and function of Astrocytes? - Ans-Astrocytes form the blood/brain barrier, are found in the brain, and are part of the CNS A patient's left thumb was severed in a cooking accident and then reattached during surgery. Would the patient be expected to regrow axons in [Show More]

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