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AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Exam with Questions and Corrrect Answers

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AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Exam with Questions and Answers What is the names of the CodeDeploy deployment methods that are supported with Lambda functions? >>LambdaAllAtOnce, LambdaCanary10Perc... entXMinutes, LambdaLinear10PercentXMinutes What are the supported sources for CodePipeline? >>S3, AWS CodeCommit, GitHub, AWS ECR, AWS CodeStar Connections Where are AWS user credentials stored by default? >>.aws/credentials How many Elastic IP addresses can an account have by default per AWS region? >>5 What AWS service is best suited for batch analysis of clickstream data? >>EMR What is required to allow for passing queue messages that are 1GB in size? >>Use the SQS Extended Client Library, and use S3 as a storage mechanism for message bodies. What are the data sources for AWS Macie? >>S3 and CloudTrail What are valid data types for files in S3 to be read by AWS QuickSight? >>CSV, TSV, ELF, CLF, JSON, XLSX How could one create an alarm that would notify people of health events in AWS? >>CloudWatch Event for AWS Health Events, and use SNS for notifications. How do you configure CloudWatch to avoid INSUFFICIENT_DATA alarms with data sources that send data at longer intervals? >>Configure CloudWatch to treat missing data points as "ignore". How do you get notified when Auto Scaling Groups fail to terminate instances? >>Configure the ASG to send a notification to an SNS topic. What are the recommended services to use for receive notfications of events related to ASG scaling? >>CloudWatch and SNS When changing the instance type of an Auto Scaling Group, what are the required steps? >>Copy the existing launch configuration, modify the instance type, and attach the new launch configuration to the existing ASG. Can you modify instance types associated with existing launch configurations? >>No, you must copy the launch configuration. To use a mixture of spot and on-demand instance types in an Auto Scaling Group, which configuration tool should you use: Launch Configurations, or Launch Templates? >>Launch Templates. Launch Configurations do not support mixed types. What operating system setting is a best practice to set to enable the best network throughput on EC2 instances? >>Increasing the MTU. What are some differences between Global and Local Secondary Indexes for DynamoDB? >>Local can only be created at time of table creation. Local only queries a single partition. Reads against a local index consume capacity from the base table, whereas global indexes have independent throughput allocations. What consistency types are supported by Global Secondary Indexes on DynamoDB? >>Only Eventual Consistency is supported. What is the maximum size of a Local Secondary Index in DynamoDB? >>10GB What must be done to share an automated snapshot of an RDS database with another account? >>Copy the snapshot, which turns it into a manual one, which can be shared with other accounts. What AWS service is ideal for notifying downstream systems of CloudFormation events? >>SNS [Show More]

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