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AZ 104 Exam Questions and Answers Updated

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AZ 104 Exam Questions and Answers Updated You need to define a custom domain name for Azure AD to support the planned infrastructure. Which domain name should you use? A. B... . C. humongousinsurance.local D. - Answer: D Every Azure AD directory comes with an initial domain name in the form of The initial domain name cannot be changed of deleted, but you can add your corporate domain name to AAD as well. Adding custom domain names to Azure AD allows you to assign user names in the directory that are familiar to your users, such as '[email protected].' instead of 'alice@domain'. You need to prepare the environment to meet the authentication requirements. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. A. Allow inbound TCP port 8080 to the domain controllers in the Miami office. B. Add to the intranet zone of each client computer in the Miami office. C. Join the client computers in the Miami office to Azure AD. D. Install the Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) role on a domain controller in the Miami Questions & Answers PDF P-16 office. E. Install Azure AD Connect on a server in the Miami office and enable Pass-through Authentication. - Answer: BE B: You can gradually roll out Seamless SSO to your users. You start by adding the following Azure AD URL to all or selected users' Intranet zone settings by using Group Policy in Active Directory: E: Seamless SSO works with any method of cloud authentication - Password Hash Synchronization or Pass-through Authentication, and can be enabled via Azure AD Connect. Scenario: Licensing Issue 1. You attempt to assign a license in Azure to several users and receive the following error message: "Licenses not assigned. License agreement failed for one user." 2. You verify that the Azure subscription has the available licenses. You need to resolve the licensing issue before you attempt to assign the license again. What should you do? A. From the Groups blade, invite the user accounts to a new group. B. From the Profile blade, modify the usage location. C. From the Directory role blade, modify the directory role. - Answer: B Explanation: Some Microsoft services aren't available in all locations because of local laws and regulations. Before you can assign a license to a user, you must specify the Usage location property for the user. You can specify the location under the User > Profile > Settings section in the Azure portal. [Show More]

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