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Barron's 800 essential words for the GRE All words come from Essential Words for the GRE (Barron's GRE) epistemology - branch of philosophy tha texamines the nature of knowledge abdicate - to... give up a position, right, or power aberrant - deviating from what is normal abeyance - temporary suppression or suspension abject - miserable; pitiful abjure - to reject; abandon formally abscission - the act of cutting; the natural separation of a leaf or other part of a plant abscond - to depart secretly abstemious - moderate in appetite abstinence - the giving up of certain pleasures abysmal - very bad accretion - growth in size or increase in amount accrue - to accumulate; grow by additions adamant - uncompromising; unyielding adjunct - something added, attached, or joined admonish - to caution or reprimand adulterate - to corrupt or make impure aesthetic - relating to beauty or the arts affected - pretentious; phony affinity - fondness; liking; similarity aggrandize - to make larger or greater aggregate - amounting to a whole; total alacrity - cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed alchemy - medieval chemical philosophy based on changing metal into gold; a seemingly magical power or process of transmutation allay - to lessen; ease; soothe alleviate - to relieve; improve partially alloy - a combination; a mixture of two or more metals allure - the power to entice by charm amalgamate - to combine into a unified whole ambiguous - unclear or doubtful in meaning ambivalence - the state of having conflicting emotional attitudes ambrosia - something delicious; the food of the gods ameliorate - to improve amenable - agreeable; cooperative; suited amenity - something that increases comfort amulet - ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits anachronism - something out of the proper time analgesic - medication that reduces or eliminates pain analogous - comparable anarchy - absence of government; state of disorder anodyne - something that calms or soothes pain anomalous - irregular; deviating from the norm antecedent - something that comes before antediluvian - prehistoric antipathy - dislike; hostility apathy - indifference apex - the highest point apogee - the point in an orbit most distant from the body being orbited; the highest point apothegm - a terse, witty saying appease - to calm, pacify, placate appellation - name apposite - strikingly appropriate and relevant apprise - to inform approbation - praise, approval appropriate - to take possession of for one's own use; confiscate apropos - relevant arabesque - ornate design featuring intertwined curves; a ballet position in which one leg is extended in back while the other supports the weight of the body archeology - the study of material evidence of past human life ardor - great emotion or passion arduous - extremely difficult; laborious argot - a specialized vocabulary used by a group arrest - to stop; to seize artifact - item made by human craft artless - guileless; natural ascetic - one who practices self-denial asperity - severity; harshness; irritability aspersion - slander; false rumor assiduous - diligent; hard-working assuage - to make less severe astringent - harsh; severe asylum - place of refuge or shelter atavism - in biology, the reappearance of a characteristic in an organism after several generations of absence; individual or a part that exhibits atavism; return of a trait after a period of absence attenuate - to weaken audacious - bold; daring austere - stern; unadorned; simple autonomous - self-governing; independent avarice - greed aver - to affirm; declare to be true avocation - secondary occupation avuncular - like an uncle, benevolent and tolerant axiomatic - taken for granted; self-evident truth bacchanalian - pertaining to riotous or drunken festivity; pertaining to revelry banal - commonplace; trite banter - playful conversation bard - poet bawdy - obscene beatify - to sanctify; to bless; to ascribe a virtue to bedizen - to dress in a vulgar, showy manner behemoth - huge creature; anything very large and powerful belie - to contradict; misrepresent; give a false impression beneficent - kindly; doing good bifurcate - to divide into two parts blandishment - flattery blase - bored because of frequent indulgence; unconcerned bolster - to give a boost to; prop up; support bombastic - pompous; using inflated language boorish - rude; insensitive bovine - cowlike brazen - bold; shameless broach - to mention for the first time bucolic - characteristic of the countryside; rustic; pastoral burgeon - to grow and flourish burnish - to polish buttress - to reinforce; support cacaphonous - unpleasant or harsh-sounding cadge - to beg; sponge callous - thick-skinned; insensitive calumny - false and malicious accusation; slander canard - false; deliberately misleading story canon - an established set of principles; a basis or standard for judgment; a group of literary works cant - insincere talk; language of a particular group cantankerous - irritable; ill-humored capricous - fickle captious - faultfinding; intended to entrap, as in an argument cardinal - of foremost importance carnal - of the flesh or body; related to physical appetities carping - to find fault; complain cartography - science of making maps caste - any of the hereditary social classes in Hindu society; social stratification castigation - punishment; chastisement; criticism cataclysm - a violent upheaval that causes great destruction and change catalyst - something that causes change categorical - absolute; without exception caucus - smaller group within an organization causal - involving a cause caustic - burning; stinging; causing corrosion celestial - concerned with sky or heavens; sublime centrifugal - moving away from a center centripetal - moving or directed toward a center champion - to defend or support chasten - to correct by punishment or reproof; to restrain or subdue chicanery - trickery; fraud chivalry - the qualities idealized by knighthood such as bravery and gallantry toward women churlish - rude; boorish circuitous - roundabout clamor - noisy outcry clique - a small, exclusive group cloister - to confine; seclude coagulate - thicken; congeal coalesce - to cause to become one coda - concluding part of a literary or musical composition; something that summarizes or concludes codify - to systematize cognizant - informed; conscious; aware collage - artistic composition of materials pasted over a surface; an assemblage of diverse elements commensurate - proportional compendium - brief, comprehensive summary complacent - self-satisfied complaisant - overly polite; willingness to comply with the wishes of others complement - something that completes or makes up a whole compliant - yielding compunction - uneasiness caused by guilt concave - curving inward conciliatory - overcoming distrust or hostility concoct - to invent concomitant - existing concurrently condone - to overlook voluntarily; forgive confound - to baffle; perplex; mix up congenial - similar in tastes and habits; friendly; suited to conjugal - pertaining to marriage agreement connoisseur - expert in matters of taste; expert knowledge or training conscript - a person compulsorily enrolled for military service consecrate - to declare sacred contend - to assert contentious - quarrelsome; causing quarrels contiguous - touching; neighboring; connecting without a break continence - self-control; abstention from sexual activity contrite - very sorrowful for a wrong; seeking forgiveness contumacious - disobedient; rebellious conundrum - riddle; puzzle with no solution convention - practice widely observed in a group; custom; accepted technique or device converge - to approach; come together; tend to meet convex - curved outward convivial - sociable convoluted - twisted; complicated copious - abundant; plentiful coquette - woman who flirts cornucopia - horn overflowing with fruit and grain; state of abundance cosmology - study of the universe as a totality; theory of the origin and structure of the universe covert - hidden; secret covetous - desiring something owned by another cozen - to mislead by trick or fraud; decieve craven - cowardly credence - acceptance of something as true credo - statement of belief or principle; creed daunt - to discourage; intimidate; dishearten dearth - scarcity debauchery - corruption decorum - proper behavior defame - to malign; harm someone's reputation default - to fail to act deference - respect; regard for another's wish defunct - no longer existing delineate - to represent or depict demographic - related to population balance demotic - pertaining to people demur - to express doubt; question or oppose denigrate - to slur someone's reputation denizen - an inhabitant; a regular visitor denouement - outcome; unraveling of the plot of a play or work of literature clairvoyant - one who can predict the future; psychic deride - to mock >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CONTINUES........................... 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