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Magoosh GRE Flashcards Basic, Common & Advanced All 1000+ unnerve - verb: to make nervous or upset Synonyms : enervate , faze , unsettle At one time unnerved by math problems, she began avidl... y "Magoosh-ing", and soon became adept at even combinations and permutations questions. candid - adjective: a straightforward and honest look at something Synonyms : blunt , forthright , frank , free-spoken , outspoken , plainspoken , point-blank , straight-from-the-shoulder Even with a perfect stranger, Charles was always candid and would rarely hold anything back. slapdash - adjective: carelessly and hastily put together Synonyms : haphazard , slipshod , sloppy The office building had been constructed in a slapdash manner, so it did not surprise officials when, during a small earthquake, a large crack emerged on the façade of the building. telltale - adjective: revealing The many telltale signs of chronic smoking include yellow teeth, and a persistent, hacking cough. insolvent - adjective: unable to pay one's bills; bankrupt With credit card bills skyrocketing, a shockingly large number of Americans are truly insolvent. affluent - adjective: wealthy The center of the city had sadly become a pit of penury, while, only five miles away, multi-million dollar homes spoke of affluence. indignant - adjective: feeling anger over a perceived injustice Synonyms : incensed , outraged , umbrageous When the cyclist swerved into traffic, it forced the driver to brake and elicited an indignant shout of "Hey, punk, watch where you're going!" tirade - noun: an angry speech Synonyms : broadside , philippic In terms of political change, a tirade oftentimes does little more than make the person speaking red in the face. thrifty - adjective: spending money wisely Synonyms : careful He was economical, spending his money thriftily and on items considered essential. summit - noun: the peak or highest point Synonyms : acme , elevation , height , meridian , peak , pinnacle , superlative , tiptop , top, crest , crown After hiking for two days, the climbers finally reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. noun: a meeting of high-level leaders Since climate change policy has been mired in congressional fighting, this summit should help set the goals for president's next term. spendthrift - noun: one who spends money extravagantly Synonyms : scattergood , spend-all , spender Taking weekly trips to Vegas, Megan was a spendthrift whose excesses eventually caught up to her. screed - noun: an abusive rant (often tedious) Joey had difficulty hanging out with his former best friend Perry, who, during his entire cup of coffee, enumerated all of the government's deficiencies--only to break ranks and launch into some screed against big business. remiss - adjective: to be negligent in one's duty Synonyms : delinquent , derelict , neglectful Remiss in his duty to keep the school functioning efficiently, the principal was relieved of his position after only three months. embroiled - adjective: involved in argument or contention Synonyms : entangled These days we are never short of a D.C. politician embroiled in scandal—a welcome phenomenon for those who, having barely finished feasting on the sordid details of one imbroglio, can sink their teeth into a fresh one. pine - verb: to yearn for Synonyms : ache , languish , yearn , yen Standing forlornly by the window, she pined for her lost love. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one to study demean - verb: to insult; to cause someone to lose dignity or respect Synonyms : degrade , disgrace , put down , take down At first the soccer players bantered back and forth, but as soon as one of the players became demeaning, calling the other's mother a water buffalo, the ref whipped out a red card. dog - verb: to pursue relentlessly; to hound Synonyms : chase , chase after , give chase , go after , tag , tail , track , trail Throughout his life, he was dogged by insecurities that inhibited personal growth. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one to study amiable - adjective: friendly Synonyms : affable , cordial , genial Amy's name was very apt: she was so amiable that she was twice voted class president. err - verb: to make an error Synonyms : mistake , slip He erred in thinking that "indigent" and "indignant" were synonyms. tender - verb: offer up something formally Synonyms : bid The government was loath to tender more money in the fear that it might set off inflation. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one to study underwrite - verb: to support financially Synonyms : subvent , subvention The latest symphony broadcast was made possible with underwriting from the Carnegie Endowment. vindictive - adjective: to have a very strong desire for revenge Though the other girl had only lightly poked fun of Vanessa's choice in attire, Vanessa was so vindictive that she waited for an entire semester to get the perfect revenge. indict - verb: to formally charge or accuse of wrong-doing The bankrobber was indicted on several major charges, including possession of a firearm. inflammable - adjective: extremely controversial, incendiary It only takes one person to leave an inflammable comment on an Internet thread for that thread to blow up into pages upon pages of reader indignation. miser - noun: a person who doesn't like to spend money (because they are greedy) Monte was no miser, but was simply frugal, wisely spending the little that he earned. acme - noun: the highest point of achievement Synonyms : elevation , height , meridian , peak , pinnacle , summit , superlative , tiptop , top The new Cessna airplanes will be the acme of comfort, offering reclining seats and ample legroom. stipend - noun: a regular allowance (of money) He was hoping for a monthly allowance loan from the government, but after no such stipend was forthcoming he realized he would have to seek other means of paying for his college tuition. variance - noun: the quality of being different The cynic quipped, "There is not much variance in politicians; they all seem to lie". profuse - adjective: plentiful; pouring out in abundance Synonyms : exuberant , lush , luxuriant , riotous During mile 20 of the Hawaii Marathon, Dwayne was sweating so profusely that he stopped to take off his shirt, and ran the remaining six miles wearing nothing more than skimpy shorts. pinnacle - noun: the highest point Synonyms : acme , elevation , height , meridian , peak , summit , superlative , tiptop , top At its pinnacle, the Roman Empire extended across most of the landmass of Eurasia, a feat not paralleled to the rise of the British Empire in the 18th and 19th century. inundate - verb: to flood or overwhelm Synonyms : deluge , submerge, flood , swamp The newsroom was inundated with false reports that only made it more difficult for the newscasters to provide an objective account of the bank robbery. peruse - verb: to read very carefully Instead of perusing important documents, people all too often rush to the bottom of the page and plaster their signatures at the bottom. retiring - adjective: to be shy, and to be inclined to retract from company Synonyms : reticent , self-effacing Nelson was always the first to leave soirees - rather than mill about with "fashionable" folk, he was retiring, and preferred the solitude of his garret. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one to study censor - verb: to examine and remove objectionable material Synonyms : ban Every fall, high school English teachers are inundated by requests to censor their curriculum by removing The Catcher in the Rye and Scarlet Letter from their reading lists. noun: an official who censors material The censor insisted that every reference to drugs should be removed from the manuscript. dupe - verb: to trick or swindle Synonyms : befool , cod , fool , gull , put on , put one across , put one over , slang , take in Once again a get-rich-fast Internet scheme had duped Harold into submitting a $5,000 check to a sham operation. noun: a person who is easily tricked or swindled Synonyms : victim The charlatan mistook the crowd for a bunch of dupes, but the crowd was quickly on to him and decried his bald-faced attempt to bilk them. macabre - adjective: suggesting the horror of death and decay; gruesome Synonyms : ghastly , grim , grisly ,sick Edgar Allen Poe was considered the master of the macabre; his stories vividly describe the moment leading up to - and often those moments after - a grisly death. telling - adjective: significant and revealing of another factor Her unbecoming dress was very telling when it came to her sense of fashion. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one to study indigenous - adjective: originating in a certain area Synonyms : autochthonal , autochthonic , autochthonous , endemic The plants and animals indigenous to Australia are notably different from those indigenous to the U.S - one look at a duckbill platypus and you know you're not dealing with an opossum. hound - verb: to pursue relentlessly Synonyms : hunt , trace An implacable foe of corruption, Eliot Ness hounded out graft in all forms - he even helped nab Al Capone. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one to study mesmerize - verb: to spellbind or enthrall Synonyms : bewitch , magnetise , magnetize , mesmerise The plot and the characters were so well developed that many viewers were mesmerized, unable to move their eyes from the screen for even a single second. affable - adjective: likeable; easy to talk to Synonyms : amiable , cordial , genial For all his surface affability, Marco was remarkably glum when he wasn't around other people. thoroughgoing - adjective: very thorough; complete Synonyms : exhaustive , thorough As a thoroughgoing bibliophile, one who had turned his house into a veritable library, he shocked his friends when he bought a Kindle. erratic - adjective: unpredictable; strange and unconventional Synonyms : fickle , mercurial , quicksilver It came as no surprise to pundits that the President's attempt at re-election floundered; even during his term, support for his policies was erratic, with an approval rating jumping anywhere from 30 to 60 percent. diabolical - adjective: to be extremely wicked like the devil Synonyms : demonic , diabolic , fiendish , hellish , infernal , satanic , unholy,devilish , diabolic , mephistophelean , mephistophelian The conspirators, willing to dispatch anyone who stood in their way, hatched a diabolical plan to take over the city. serendipity - noun: the instance in which an accidental, fortunate discovery is made By pure serendipity, Sarah discovered, at a flea market in Peoria, a matching earring to replace the one that fell down the storm drain back home. reprobate - noun: a person who is disapproved of Synonyms : miscreant Those old reprobates drinking all day down by the river-they are not going to amount to much. demure - adjective: to be modest and shy Synonyms : coy , overmodest The portrait of her in a simple white blouse was sweet and demure. bleak - adjective: having a depressing or gloomy outlook Synonyms : bare , barren , desolate , stark Unremitting overcast skies tend to lead people to create bleak literature and lugubrious music - compare England's band Radiohead to any band from Southern California. zenith - noun: the highest point; culmination At the zenith of his artistic career, Elvis was outselling any other artist on the charts. voracious - adjective: very hungry; approaching an activity with gusto Synonyms : edacious , esurient , rapacious , ravening , ravenous , wolfish Steven was a voracious reader, sometimes finishing two novels in the same day. start - verb: to suddenly move in a particular direction All alone in the mansion, Henrietta started when she heard a sound. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one to study sanctimonious - adjective: making a show of being pious; holier-than-thou Synonyms : holier-than-thou , pharisaic , pharisaical , pietistic , pietistical , self-righteous Even during the quiet sanctity of evening prayer, she held her chin high, a sanctimonious sneer forming on her face as she eyed those who were attending church for the first time. avarice - noun: greed (one of the seven deadly sins) Synonyms : avaritia , covetousness , greed , rapacity,avariciousness , covetousness , cupidity The Spanish conquistadors were known for their avarice, plundering Incan land and stealing Incan gold. catalyst - noun: something that speeds up an event Synonyms : accelerator Rosa Park's refusal to give up her bus seat acted as a catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement, setting into motion historic changes for African-Americans. unconscionable - adjective: unreasonable; unscrupulous; excessive Synonyms : exorbitant , extortionate , outrageous , steep , usurious The lawyer's demands were so unconscionable that rather than pay an exorbitant sum or submit himself to any other inconveniences, the defendant decided to find a new lawyer. misanthrope - noun: a hater of mankind Synonyms : misanthropist Kevin is such a misanthrope that he refused to attend the Christmas party, claiming that everyone's happiness was "fake" and "annoying." stem - verb: to hold back or limit the flow or growth of something To stem the tide of applications, the prestigious Ivy requires that each applicant score at least 330 on the Revised GRE. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one to study aboveboard - adjective: open and honest Synonyms : straightforward The mayor, despite his avuncular face plastered about the city, was hardly aboveboard - some concluded that it was his ingratiating smile that allowed him to engage in corrupt behavior and get away with it. heyday - noun: the pinnacle or top of a time period or career Synonyms : bloom , blossom , efflorescence , flower , flush , peak , prime During the heyday of Prohibition, bootlegging had become such a lucrative business that many who had been opposed to the 18th Amendment began to fear it would be repealed. immaterial - adjective: not relevant Synonyms : extraneous , impertinent , orthogonal, incorporeal The judge found the defendant's comments immaterial to the trial, and summarily dismissed him from the witness stand. scintillating - adjective: describes someone who is brilliant and lively Synonyms : aglitter , coruscant , fulgid , glinting , glistering , glittering , glittery , scintillant , sparkly, bubbling , effervescent , frothy Richard Feynman was renowned for his scintillating lectures—the arcana of quantum physics was made lucid as he wrote animatedly on the chalkboard. badger - verb: to pester Synonyms : beleaguer , bug , pester , tease Badgered by his parents to find a job, the 30-year-old loafer instead joined a gang of itinerant musicians. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one to study chauvinist - noun: a person who believes in the superiority of their group Synonyms : flag-waver , hundred-percenter , jingo , jingoist , patrioteer The chauvinist lives on both sides of the political spectrum, outright shunning anybody whose ideas are not consistent with his own. apex - noun: the highest point Synonyms : acme , peak , vertex >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CONTINUES (162 pages) [Show More]

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