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Psychology 101 quiz 7 Graded A

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When you listen to a lecture, the information is held in ____ memory until you write it in your notes. A) short-term B) trace C) sensory D) long-term ✔✔A) short-term A visit to your elem... entary classroom might help you remember more of the names of some of your classmates because you are A) relying on schemas to enhance the retrieval process. B) relying on a flashbulb memory. C) using the serial position effect. D) in the same context as you were when you learned them. ✔✔D) in the same context as you were when you learned them. Kwan is driving to campus and his phone rings,. Based on the results of studies on divided attention, should Kwan answer the phone? A) He should only answer the phone if he is an experienced driver who is driving in a familiar location. B) He should only answer the phone if he has a hands-free device, so that he is not distracted by having to hold the phone. C) Yes, his attention system will allow him to process both traffic information and his phone conversation equally. D) No, he would experience a negative impact on his driving behavior since he would fo [Show More]

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