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Imagine a Cat Going To School In (ICGTSI - Decision Making Process (6) ✔✔Prob ID, Data Collection, Solution Generation, Solutions Test, Solution Selection, Solution Implementation Hard Data Net... work System Security Ecommerce (IS elements) ✔✔Hardware and Software, Data Resource Mgmt, Network, Systems and Decisions, Security and Ethics, Ecommerce and Social Meida System that accepts input data and processes it into information as output ✔✔Information System Information that have been organized to provide value to an organization ✔✔Data Information systems accept _____ as input and process it into ______ as output. ✔✔data,information The primary component categories that make up a Computer-based Information System (CBIS) ✔✔(PPHSND) people, processes, hardware, software, networks, and data Utility Software ✔✔Programs perform periodic system maintenance activities, such as virus detection, storage space consolidation, backup and recovery, intrusion detection, and access authentication monitoring Information systems specialists ✔✔People who develop, operate, and maintain the systems. Specialists include programmers, systems analysts, testers, computer operators, and other managerial IS personnel [Show More]

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