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What accepts data as input? ✔✔information systems There are different types of information systems based on the different levels of hierarchy in an organization. Which one helps senior executiv... es analyze information and come up with alternate actions and business strategies? ✔✔EIS executive information systems is at the top of the hierarchy. Businesses face difficult decisions regarding their hardware needs. Constant changes in ___________________________ can lead to obsolescence. ✔✔technology One reason IT is important is because video conferencing has become cheaper, quicker, more collaborative, and more efficient. Of what IT benefit is this an example? ✔✔communication Information technology is used everywhere; where you work, where you live, and where you play. Keeping track of financial information and making transfers at anytime, from home, without waiting in line is an example of what? ✔✔online banking One of the advantages of information systems for businesses is to take raw data and turn it into information, and then transform that information into knowledge. The number of people in Florida below the poverty line is an example of ✔✔data Internal and external elements that effect various parts of an organization, for instance the government, competitors, customers, and suppliers, are examples of what organizational feature? ✔✔environmen [Show More]

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