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USMLE Step 2 Practice EXAM 1 Questions and Answers (complete solution Rated A)

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patients blood smear shows that he has small hyper chromic red cells, without central pallor. this is called______ and what is another issue they will likely have? - speherocytes gallstones this HI... V drug gives people bad dreams, dizzy, poor sleep, anxiety... - Efafirenz abacavir side effect - abacavir someone has urge incontinence. what is initial treatment? - frequent voluntary voiding pt on sumatriptan for migraine, what else should she NOT take - -ergots both are 5-ht agonists, risk of vasospasm pregnant woman has new carpal tunnel, what is the mechanism? Serum TSH normal. - accumulation of fluid in the carpal tunnel space patient is having early, preterm labor, drug given to stop it, now she has HTN, tacky, increased RR. 90% sats. What is the med she took and what is the mechanism - gave her terbutaline, a beta agonist. concern for pulmonary edema baby eating, gets blue lips, tongue, nail beds. Central or peripheral? cause - central, thiese are highly vascularived tissues. resulted from low arterial oxygen saturation. congenital heart disease young guy has pancreatitis, no drinking to gall stones. what is likely? what is treatment? - hyperlipidemia,which is hyperTRYglicerides Fenofibrate. [Show More]

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