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LETRS Unit 1 and 2-Questions with accurate answers, Graded A. 2022/2023

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Unit 1 and 2- LETRS Questions with accurate answers, Graded A. 2022/2023 Informed teachers are _____ assurance against reading failure. - ✔✔our best phonics - ✔✔the study of the relati... onships between letters and the sounds they represent phonemic awareness - ✔✔conscious awareness of the individual speech sounds (constants and vowels) in spoken syllables and the ability to consciously manipulate those sounds. syllable - ✔✔Unit of pronunciation that is organized around a vowel; it may or may not have consonants before or after the vowel. orthography - ✔✔writing system for representing language morphophonemic - ✔✔deep alphabetic writing system organized by both sound-symbol correspondences and morphology (English orthography) morpheme - ✔✔in language, the smallest unit that carries meaning metalinguistic awareness - ✔✔ability to think about and reflect on the structure of the language itself simple view of reading - ✔✔word recognition (decoding) x language comprehension (comprehending) = reading comprehension decoding - ✔✔ability to translate a word from print to speech (sound-symbol correspondences) discourse - ✔✔written or spoken communication ("the exchange") of information and ideas (between writer & reader) Listening comprehension may _____ reading comprehension, but the reverse is _______. - ✔✔exceed, not true phonology - ✔✔phonemes can be sequenced, combined, and pronounced to make words (rule system withing language) (sounds /p/ and /k/ are never adjacent) morphology - ✔✔study of meaningful units in a language and how the units are combined in word formation (Nat- root, Nature- noun, natural- adjective) semantics - ✔✔study of word and phrase meanings and relationships (rank has multiple meanings) syntax - ✔✔system of rules governing permissible word order in sentences ("Our district recruits new teachers" "New teachers our district recruits") academic language - ✔✔written or spoken language that is more stylistically formal orthographic mapping - ✔✔mental process used to store words for immediate retrieval Learning ___ depends heavily on ____ of recognized written symbols with _____ and the eventual connection of those sound patterns with _____. - ✔✔to recognize words, accurate matching, spoken language, meaning Four Part Processing Model - ✔✔-context processor: background knowledge - meaning processor: vocabulary -phonological processor: speech sound system -orthographic processor: spelling system phonological processing system - ✔✔enables us to perceive, remember, interpret , and produce the speech- sound system of our own language and others orthographic processing system - ✔✔several functions of recognition and recall of written language symbols grapheme - ✔✔letter representing unit of sound (phonemes) meaning processing system - ✔✔(semantic) interprets meanings of words in and out of context context processing system - ✔✔interact with and provide support for the meaning processor. Scarborough's Reading Rope - ✔✔Language comprehension (background knowledge, vocab, syntax/semantics, verbal reasoning & literacy knowledge) + word knowledge (decoding, sight words, phonological awareness) = skilled reading Dyslexia - ✔✔an impairment of reading accuracy and fluency attributable to an underlying phonological process problems, usually associated w/ other kinds of language- processing difficulties. Basic questions to answer with assessment are: - ✔✔1. Who needs help? 2. What kind of help do they need? [Show More]

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