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Test Bank for Nester's Microbiology A Human Perspective, 10e, 10th Edition by Denise Anderson,Sarah Salm,Deborah Allen TEST BANK ISBN-13: 9781260735505 FULL CHAPTERS INCLUDED Chapter 1: Humans an... d the Microbial World Chapter 2: The Molecules of Life Chapter 3: Cells and Methods to Observe Them Chapter 4: Dynamics of Microbial Growth Chapter 5: Control of Microbial Growth Chapter 6: Microbial Metabolism: Fueling Cell Growth Chapter 7: The Blueprint of Life, from DNA to Protein Chapter 8: Bacterial Genetics Chapter 9: Biotechnology Chapter 10: Identifying and Classifying Microorganisms Chapter 11: The Diversity of Bacteria and Archaea Chapter 12: The Eukaryotic Members of the Microbial World Chapter 13: Viruses, Viroids and Prions Chapter 14: The Innate Immune Response Chapter 15: The Adaptive Immune Response Chapter 16: Host-Microbe Interactions Chapter 17: Applications of Immune Responses Chapter 18: Immunological Disorders Chapter 19: Epidemiology Chapter 20: Antimicrobial Medications Chapter 21: Respiratory System Infections Chapter 22: Skin Infections Chapter 23: Wound Infections Chapter 24: Digestive System Infections Chapter 25: Blood and Lymphatic Infections Chapter 26: Nervous System Infections Chapter 27: Genitourinary Tract Infections Chapter 28: Microbial Ecology Chapter 29: Environmental Microbiology: Treatment of Water, Wastes, and Polluted Habitats Chapter 30: Food Microbiology [Show More]

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