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WGU C157 for WGU-Essentials of Advanced Nursing Practice Latest 2022 Already Passed

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Root Cause Analysis ✔✔Examining and learning from a single event, often catastrophic. Using flowcharts and fishbone diagrams. Flow charts can also help the team design new processes. QSEN stands... for ✔✔Quality and Safety Education for Nurses QSEN and Systems thinking objective ✔✔To move away from blaming individuals for adverse events and work to correct our systems and processes. QSEN indicates that MSNs should promote systems that ✔✔reduce reliance on memory to make care safer. Examples: Checklists, worksheets, standard order sets, standardized timeliness, adding fields for documentation in records. These are reminders or prompts. Psychological Safety or Culture of Safety ✔✔By reducing the emphasis on blame and shame, staff feel safe to report errors. Increased incident reports should result in more opportunities for organization learning. An increased number of incident reports do not mean increased number of incidences. ✔✔This may be an indicator of psychological safety. Advanced Practice Role Key ideas: ✔✔Support engagement of team members: Participate, Facilitate, Collaborate and Negotiate. Effective communication and leadership. Conflict resolution, shared decision making with patients. Shared governance with nurses and other staff. Patient centered care. Culture of safety and to think big. Culture of safety ✔✔learn about human error and create better syst [Show More]

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