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LETRS Unit 1 - Session 1- 8 Questions and Answers 100% Verified

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LETRS Unit 1 - Session 1- 8 Questions and Answers 100% Verified SESSION 1: Phonics -----relationship between letters and sounds. Code based instruction. Phonemic Awareness -----awareness of individ... ual speech sounds (consonants and vowels) in spoken syllables and the ability to consciously manipulate those sounds SESSION 2: ______________ is the act of translating print into meaning. {{Ans- Reading ________________ is the written or spoken communication "or the exchange of information and ideas, usually longer than a sentence, between individuals or between the writer and the reader. {{Ans- Discourse SESSION 3: We do not _______ over print when we read. {{Ans- skip The eyes rest for about _____ seconds on a content word. {{Ans- .25 SESSION 4: Both the phonological processor and orthgraphic processor systems are primarily responsible for {{Ans- word recognition Both the meaning and context processor systems are primarily responsible for {{Ans- language comprehension SESSION 5: The learning processe of beginning readers ______ from the reading processes of proficient readers. {{Ans- differ For a student just learning how to read, the ability to ______ and _______ words accurately is of paramount importance. {{Ans- decode and read SESSION 6: Genetic, biological, environmental and instructional factors all contribute to the growth of __________ ________________. {{Ans- reading skill Students who come to school without exposure to books, book language, and vocabulary in their homes that would support literacy development are said to be __________ ______________. {{Ans- experience deficient SESSION 7: Once children are ___________ - which happens very early - they do not catch up unless intervention is intensive, timely, and well informed. {{Ans- behind __________ is a type of assessment that has the following characteristics; all students once per year, tests have time limits, silent and independent reading, passage comprehension, scores are reported as percentiles or NCE and states may develop their own or use National. {{Ans- Outcome SESSION 8: Key ideas to _______ the selection and use of assessments; not all poor readers are alike, phase of development will determine focus, assessments should be used as intended and use assessments to make good instructional decisions. {{Ans- guide The ________ questions to answer with assessments are as follows; who needs help?, what kind of help do they need?, Is the help helping? and If not, what needs to change? {{Ans- basic [Show More]

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