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WGU C100 Humanities Test Study Questions and Answers with Complete Solutions

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What is an aesthetic experience? ✔✔a feeling of pleasure that justifies itself. Which topic is studied by the humanities? ✔✔The culture and beliefs that make up the experience of being human... . Which branch of philosophy deals with the nature and scope of knowledge? ✔✔Epistemology What is a clear example of the create of aesthetic beauty in a humanities discipline? ✔✔Being inspired by nature and paints picture of mountain side landscape Why is Doryphorus a notable example of Greek sculpture? ✔✔It offered a life like posture of a man balanced on 1 foot, known as contrapposto How do the seems of Greece and Rome differ? ✔✔Greeks developed democracy and focused on honoring deities. Rome formed republic and glorified the Roman empire Courtly ✔✔Non-sexual love emphasized by ancient medeival Platonic ✔✔Non-sexual love emphasized by ancient [Show More]

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