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FISDAP Medical Exam 2022 with verified answers Which of the following meds helps the body transport sugar into the cells? ANS - Insulin A 32 year old patient is found unconsious in the snow. You c... annot detect a pulse or respiration rate within 10 seconds. What should you do? ANS - assess her pulse for 30-45 seconds An adult male is sitting alone in a dark room, rocking back and forth. he mutters to his sock puppet "are you feeling sad?" what should you do? ANS - introduce yourself and start an assessment A 42-year-old man complains of difficulty breathing and pain in his chest and shoulders. he recalls feeling a sharp pinprick on his arm while cleaning out his basement. what type of spider bite is this man most likely suffering from? ANS - black widow A car battery exploded in your patients face. he denies breathing difficulty. you should? ANS - begin irrigating eyes with clean water A 19 year old female is unresponsive after taking a whole bottle of her sleeping medicine about 4 hours ago. you sould? ANS - apply high-flow oxygen A 32 year old male complains of photophobia (sensitivity to light) and vomiting. the most likely cause is? ANS - migrane A 68-year-old patient reports abdominal pain, vomiting and a loss of appetite, as well as black, tarry stools what should you expect? ANS - upper GI bleeding A 21 year old male is unresponsive, has constricted pupils, slow, shallow respirations, you should suspect: ANS - narcotic overdose A patient tells you he had anemia; you should expect him to present with? ANS - jaundice Your epileptic patient complains of persistent metallic taste in her mouth. you should suspect: ANS - a seizure may occur A patient is having a tonic-clonic seizure and is not breathing. you should: ANS - prevent patient from further injury An 18-year-old male states "the CIA is after me" you notice he has covered his head and windows with aluminum foil. when you ask why he says "in order to block out the government radio waves" vitals are BP138/34, P122, R24. you should suspect? ANS - paranoid schizophrenia A patient is running a high fever, vomiting and reporting pain that has shifted from around her belly button to the lower right area of her abdomen you should suspect? ANS - appendicitis A 20-year-old male in a college dorm room complains of fever, headache, and a stiff neck. he has an altered mental status, and you notice red blotches on his skin. which of the following are the most appropriate BSI precautions ANS - gloves and HEPA mask An unconscious patient has one pupil that is significantly larger than the other and not When assessing a patient for facial droop you should? ANS - ask the patient to smile or show his teeth [Show More]

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