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Economics, 14th Edition, By Michael Parkin (Test Bank)

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PART 1: INTRODUCTION What is Economics? The Economic Problem PART 2: HOW MARKETS WORK Demand and Supply Elasticity Efficiency And Equity Government Actions in Markets Global Markets in Action ... PART 3: HOUSEHOLDS' CHOICES Utility and Demand Possibilities, Preferences, and Choices PART 4: FIRMS AND MARKETS Organizing Production Output and Costs Perfect Competition Monopoly Monopolistic Competition Oligopoly PART 5: MARKET FAILURE AND GOVERNMENT Public Choices, Public Goods, and Healthcare Externalities PART 6: FACTOR MARKETS, INEQUALITY, AND UNCERTAINTY Markets for Factors of Production Economic Inequality Uncertainty and Information PART 7: MONITORING MACROECONOMIC PERFORMANCE Monitoring the Value of Production: GDP Monitoring Jobs and Inflation PART 8: MACROECONOMIC TRENDS Economic Growth Finance, Saving, and Investment Money, the Price Level, and Inflation The Exchange Rate and the Balance of Payments PART 9: MACROECONOMIC FLUCTUATIONS Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand Expenditure Multipliers The Business Cycle, Inflation, and Deflation PART 10: MACROECONOMIC POLICY Fiscal Policy Monetary Policy [Show More]

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