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A grievance request, or any evidence concerning a grievance, must be filed orally or in writing no later than _____ calendar days from the date of the event or the date the member is made aware of the... issue. - ANS -60 When completing an application, you should ensure that you enter the provider ID of a specialist and not a Primary Care Physician (PCP). - ANS -False Which of the following statements about completing telephonic enrollments is FALSE? - ANS -Must include most of the required elements necessary to complete the enrollment A passing score of __ or higher must be achieved to successfully complete this course - ANS -85% To ensure accurate data entry, you should repeat the Medicare ID back to the beneficiary. - ANS -True Steps to take when safeguarding and securing PHI and PII include - ANS -All of the Above An agent may be terminated for cause if they fail to comply with a compliance investigation, encourage others to avoid the compliance interview process, or fail to provide truthful or complete information - ANS -True For 2022, ______ will no longer be a preferred pharmacy - ANS -Walmart The Part D Senior Savings Model (SSM), which reduces member spending on insulin, will be offered on the Value Script and Value Plus products - ANS -True Communication of PHI can be: - ANS -Written, Electronic, Verbal Agents must meet all required contracting, training, and certification requirements to be eligible to sell Wellcare's Medicare Products - ANS -True Wellcare offers a robust portfolio of products and plans across _____ states. - ANS -50 When enrolling a D-SNP beneficiary, be sure to verify plan enrollment eligibility and that the MSP program level is eligible for the requested plan. - ANS -True Wellcare's 2022 product expansion represents an 8% increase from 2021. - ANS -True Which stage of coverage is referred to as the "donut hole" as the member is payin [Show More]

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