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What is a broad definition of data? - ANS -Raw facts that are captured on printed or digital media What are data? - ANS -Facts that are collected and stored in a database system What is a determ... ining characteristic of unstructured data? - ANS -It does not follow a data model. Which is true about flat files? - ANS -They contain no internal hierarchical organization. Which technology has no internal hierarchy? - ANS -Flat files How were data retrieved before database management systems? - ANS -Sequentially from simple files In which two ways does a database management system environment increase effectiveness in working with data? - ANS -- It enables data sharing, - It permits storage of vast volumes of data. What is the uniquely identifiable element about which data can be categorized in an entity-relationship diagram? - ANS -Entity types Which classification is correct for the box marked "Quantity" in the given entity-relationship diagram? - ANS -Intersection data Which data classification is an entity? - ANS -Event A salesperson is authorized to sell 12 products; a product can be sold by 10 salespersons. Which kind of binary relationship is described in this example? - ANS -Many-to-many Which three kinds of rules for referential integrity are provided by modern relational database management systems? - ANS -Insert, Delete, Update What is an important aspect of "referential integrity"? - ANS -Reference to data in one relation is based on values in another relation. Sales data, detailing the customer names, products sold, and salespersons, is kept in a database. Which kind of data in this database would qualify as intersection data related to both the product and salesperson entities? - ANS -Customer names [Show More]

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