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Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level Mathematics International Advanced Subsidiary/Advanced Level Decision Mathematics D1 WDM11/01 + Mark Scheme

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Write your answers in the D1 answer book for this paper. 1. 17 9 15 8 20 13 28 4 12 5 The numbers in the list shown above are the weights, in kilograms, of ten boxes. The boxes are to be transport... ed in containers that will each hold a maximum weight of 40 kilograms. (a) Calculate a lower bound for the number of containers that will be needed to transport the boxes. You must show your working. (2) (b) Use the first-fit bin packing algorithm to allocate the boxes to the containers. (3) (c) Using the list provided, carry out a quick sort to produce a list of the weights in ascending order. You must make your pivots clear. (3) (d) Use the binary search algorithm to try to locate the weight of 9 in the sorted list. Clearly indicate how you choose your pivots and which part of the list is being rejected at each stage. (3 [Show More]

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